"I would just like to say that I have really enjoyed receiving the information that I requested from you. I know that you have put a lot of time and effort into this. Thank you and please do not stop providing this valuable tool. Keep up the good work."


"Your site should help many people who are seeking to learn about bipolar. You give accurate information, stories, etc. etc. that is all very good. I like your information a lot, I appreciate it. I am grateful for all learned."

--Karla Adams


-Linda Imlay

"Everything that you have written me so far - I have truly realized that you know EXACTLY what Bipolar is and how to deal with it. Thanks for your support. You KNOW exactly what it feels like to love and care about a family member who is Bipolar. I feel so relieved that you are there for me. THANKS SO MUCH!!!"

--Maren Nolting

"Please do not give up on educating people on bipolar disorder. Finding your web sight was a god send. I am devoting the rest of my days to help my son become a responsible productive human being. Your mini course assured me I was on the right track. It is like I am raising him all over again."

--Sandra Caddell

"Mr. Oliver, I just want to take the time out to tell you how much I appreciate your help. I felt so alone and I thought no one understood me. I am truly grateful and blessed to be in this course so I can better understand my disorder. I have two children and my fear is that one or both my end up having it. Well until next time. Thank you again."


"Thank you for this course--it is really helping."

-- Beth Davidson

"Dear Mr. Oliver, I truly appreciate all your efforts in sending me these needed materials. They are quite useful. Thank you."

-- Kiefer Chriss

"Your information has helped me so much, by saving me time and energy and money."

--Molly Bragg

"Your program is, for us, the most methodic, concise, and comprehensive I've seen on the subject. I am recommending it to our church (who runs a depression and bipolar support/therapy group)."

--Steve Guidero

"I greatly appreciate all the info you send. it has definitely been the most valuable info on the web for bi-polar."

--Jennifer Hancock

"I enjoy your tips and your course immensely, I am the one who suffers from bipolar disorder, I also have manic depression, with panic and anxiety disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder, However the information you send is very helpful to my husband and kids, who have no real idea how to deal with me or understand what i go through. I love your commitment to this and appreciate all the information you send us. I live in Canada and I'm glad you do this for people. Please keep your excellent work up, We need all the help we can get."

-- Wendy Balkwill

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"I found your course to be honest and educating to the public. I appreciated you sending me the info, I read it and agreed with you. People who have love ones who have bi-polar need as much education as they can receive about how to deal with the disease. The disease can affect other people as well as the patient who has it, and it is a very gross and difficult disease to deal with unless you understand the various components of the disease and the particular.phpects of the individuals needs to prevent an episode and to encourage them to keep taking their medication. Thank you,"

-Dr. Colette M. Dowell, ND

"Your information is a godsend and I appreciate your candid way of communicating with us. More often than not, I feel that you are addressing me and it is really cool. Cheers"

--Tina Coetzee

"You have helped me so much. You have answered questions when I have emailed you and if everyone took the interest, time and love you gave your mother"

--Rhonda Marie Rose

"You have given me so much info. about this disorder. I found out only a month ago that I had this disorder. You have helped my family and I so much with what you share about bipolar disorder. I really appreciate everything. Thank You."


"I have got A TON of great information from your course. I am VERY glad I got it."

--Robyn Covington

"Mr. Oliver; I think it is a great thing that you are helping people like myself. I am 34 years old and I have been diagnosed with bipolar and SEVERE depression. I feel like your mom would be very proud of what you're doing especially since you were a ANGEL of God that rescued and got her the help she needed. I bet you don't get many thank-you's but Mr. Oliver I thank you !!!!"

- Theresa

"Your information on bipolar disorder has helped me tremendously. I appreciate people like you. You're a terrific guy and thank you so very much for writing these and keeping me informed on experiences and facts concerning bipolar disorder."


"You ARE helping many of us...at least in my case you are. My husband was just diagnosed to be bipolar. We got married a year and a half ago. The attitude and the actions he was portraying to me hurt me so much. It is VERY hard to understand why a person who says they love you can cause so much pain. I realized I was undereducated in detecting and understanding my husband.

Your course has brought new light into my path of life besides my husband. He experienced an episode of mania that complicated our finances (we are about to finish paying the down payment on a house) and our relationship was about to end. I really owe you a big thanks for taking the time to educate us and for your great efforts in opening our eyes to the real "story" behind a bipolar person or situation.

To be honest with you, along our pathway in life we will do our best and there will always be someone who is not satisfied regardless of the great benefit we are bringing to this world. So keep you head up high because you have enlightened many of our lives. :-)"


"You are providing a wonderful service for me. Once again, thank you so very much."


"I really love getting your information as does my family. I have been diagnosed with Bipolar and really find this helpful. Thank you so much."


"Thank you!!!!!!!! For ALL you do......and who you are.....your a good person with a good and loving heart......you have a gift......and YES......you do matter....what you do does matter!!!!!!!!!! Your information is very much welcomed by me.....and are very helpful....and informative......and I appreciate all of it ......I am sure that I can't be the only one who feels this way! Biggest Hugs to you for EVERYTHING!"


"Greetings, You helped me with that, just by bolstering my self confidence and by the information you provide. Because of you, I did not give up on finding the right doctor."

-Christina Chiarillo

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"I read every one of your information and I always learn something. PLEASE keep up the good work. And thank you."

--Lisa Stefano Haggerty

"I can tell you one thing I know for a fact.. YOU HAVE HELPED ME TREMENDOUSLY. THANKS SO MUCH"


"I read all of the emails that you send me. I actually have bipolar disorder and forward the information to my family that I feel is relevant to them. It is also nice to hear the families side of things. I like the access to the links. I gain much needed information from them. I appreciate all the work that you do. Keep up the good work! :)"

-Trudy Johnson

"I need all the help I can get to gather information. Keep up the good research!"

--Terry St Pierre

"Your course has helped me tremendously. It made me realize obvious things that I've overlooked and random things such as how bipolar disorder really isn't as uncommon as people think. You have helped me a lot. Thank you!"


"Whenever, I get your e-mails, they give me hope of being a survivor of this disease. Everyday I want to cry because I don't know what to do, but when I see your e-mails and information you give, it truly makes a difference in my everyday life. Thank you for being the person that you are."

--Brooke Wagner

"I was just writing to let you know that the information you have given me is very insightful and don't think that you are wasting your time because you are not. I appreciate it greatly and the person that wrote the email to you must not really need the information or else they would really be more appreciative. keep up the good work i think you are wonderful for what you do."

-Misty Conklin

"Your help is of utmost importance to me, and is so appreciated. Thanks again so much for your efforts."


"I found you insights very helpful. Thank you so much."


"While the issues associated with bipolar disorder are typically approached from a clinical perspective, family members, particularly those responsible for care of their relatives, are often tasked with the challenge of meeting their financial and other day-to-day needs. This guide provides a practical, easy-to-follow strategy for family members who are charged with the care of their relatives and their affairs. Although there are no easy solutions, this strategy provides unique insight into the care of and management of bipolar disorder from the layman's perspective."

-Stefanie C. Nicholas, MSW

"Mr. Oliver thank you for the information you have sent me it has helped me a great deal."

-Ashley Wagner

"I am so grateful that you have brought this information to light So many of us have been hiding in darkness. I'm sure that the information that you so compassionately compiled will literally save lives."

-Sharon of NYC

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"Thank you for enlightening me as much as you can on this disease. I have been inspired to try and do as much as I can to help myself, because doctors don't know everything. Again, much gratitude is owed to you, for helping me stay alive! Best wishes, and I look forward to hearing from you. It is sooooooo good to know someone actually cares, and he is from another country."

--Julie Steele

"Thank you for your notes. You are a dear. Everything you've sent has been helpful. Many blessings as you continue your great work!"

--Lorie M Donaldson

"What I always think about you is that you are an incredible good man. You have been an excellent friend with priceless information by the way that extra information increases my knowledge and I could give that information to some others who needs to know about it. Thanks a lot!!!!!"

-- Maria Teresa

"I have recently been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I ordered your course for my boyfriend since he was my only support system that I had. Not only did your course help him it also helped me.

It gave him more information on what the disorder was, what to expect, how to plan for an episode, how to handle my affairs if I ever had to be hospitalized, and so much more. He was much more confident about talking to the doctors after reading the information. He was better educated to ask questions that we would have never even known to ask. Before your course we were not even sure if he should be going to the doctor with me. Now we know what we should be doing.

It gave me all the information I needed and questions I needed to ask to make sure that I picked the right therapist, the right doctor, and the right medical staff treating me.

I am one of the luckier ones. I have a mental illness but I am not afraid to get help. In fact I invite it any time I can because I do not want to be like this anymore. I have put a lot of effort in to finding as much information as I can for myself and my family but your course gave me information that I never even thought to look for. This is the best investment I could have ever made for myself and my family. Thanks again,"

-Bridget Brown

"I have been just recently diagnosed with bipolar. Grrrrrrrr, it is just frustrating. But, so many of your thoughts and particulars.... well, hit the spot. Thank you, for your time, and just caring for people. It has helped. you really must care for people. "

-Denise Hawes

"I just wanted to send you an E-mail to first of all thank-you for all of the lifesaving info that you have sent me about bipolar disorder. Every since I have been receiving information about bipolar from you, I feel more and more inspired. I also feel like I am not alone anymore. "

Diana Rowland

"Just a big Thank You. I know sometimes people delete their e-mails without even reading them. You have been a great source of information for me. Thank you so much for the information i receive from you daily. Because of you I have found the strength to persevere where my daughter's bipolar is concerned"

Charmane Grant

" Thank you for ALL you do......wish there were more people like you dedicated to educating EVERYONE on Bi-polar. YOU deserve the biggest gold star available!!!!!

My Dad used to have this thing he did....... a man devoted to God......he would take one finger......put it up to his mouth....lick it.....and make an imaginary mark on a table/slate.....God's table/slate.....giving you a mark for a good deed.....one for the record......one that counts...in God's book...so to speak.......he always had a huge smile on his face when he did this.......often as not.......he didn't even say anything......he would just look at you....or I at him......and he would do this....no matter where you were......an unspoken thing.....I will ALWAYS remember this!

You get one of those marks!

Biggest Hugs to you......hope your having a wonderful day! :)

Blessings in Love, Peace & Good Health!"


"I am a nurse with bipolar. I found your course by doing an Internet search on "bipolar." You sent the information I ordered promptly. You were available per phone or Email to answer my questions. I found the materials to be thorough and very appropriate for any person supporting a loved one who is bipolar. The audio-tape was especially meaningful. Your course is well worth the cost. What is it worth to see a loved one stable and receiving necessary support and community benefits? You decide."

-Mary E. McPheron

"Where have you been all my life??? Your information is invaluable. Thank you so much."

-Bonnie B.

"Thank you for your emails concerning bi-polar disorder. It is I who am bi-polar, but not experiencing the extremes you have described. I found your course very useful. There are differences between the Canadian and American medical system which make it somewhat easier for me to get the assistance I need. I was looking for pitfalls to watch out for, and you showed me a number of them. I would say that your course is very complete."

-Geena Green



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"The bipolar mini-course was exceptional in its content and insight. Having shared it with my husband, he also appreciated your information. Since problems have run in my family, it was a gentle reminder of what sufferers of bipolar disorder face, and family advice on how to deal with the.phpects. Thank you so much for your time and help, and for caring enough to share this information."

-Laura K. " Pompano Beach, FL

"I really enjoy reading your sessions. They are excellent. I am looking for information about bipolar sufferers to share news or story to help me understand how and why I have to deal with bipolar myself. Anyway, I do really enjoy reading yours!!!"

-Sherri Juby

"Hello Mr. Oliver

I truly found your seminar , helpful and inspirational in so many ways it has been a truly powerful eye opener. Thank you for the service and I whole heartedly recommend it to anyone in need of information about bi-polar and it's consequences."

-Rey Torres

"I already ordered your course, received it, and I'm using it. I must add that one of the most important things, other than the course, is your feedback. When you know that there's someone there to answer your questions, it gives you a feeling of security. You have no idea how helpful you have been to me each time you have given me feedback regarding one of my concerns. It's as though I were not alone and you were holding my hand comforting me and reassuring me that all will be all right. I really do thank you."

-Josephyne Fisher