Success Stories

Dear Friend,

I need your help.

I am looking for success stories of people who have bipolar disorder.

Last year my mom told me, "David, I know 5 people with bipolar disorder and I don't know anyone who's doing well."

As mom struggled to take back her life, I know there were times when her mind would return to that one depressing fact: I don't know anyone who's doing well

I still hear, from people on the same uphill climb we faced, the hopelessness I heard in my mom's voice, because they don't know anyone who's doing well

Over the past year I've spoken to hundreds of people living with bipolar disorder, and I've come to realize that having bipolar disorder doesn't mean your life is over. In fact, there are many people with bipolar disorder who are doing very well.

There are MANY success stories and we need to hear them.

These stories provide inspiration, motivation and guidance. Like signposts for fellow travelers, they hold out the hope we all need to stay on the path to wellness.

My goal is to share these success stories. I will be profiling both people with bipolar disorder AND bipolar supporters-adults and children.

Do you feel that you're doing well? Maybe you've found your way through the maze of doctors, medications, institutional red tape and unhelpful bureaucracy; maybe you're in a relationship you never thought was possible; maybe you've found a fulfilling career or you're in school training for one; or maybe you wake up in the morning glad to be alive. Would you like to share your success story with your fellow travelers?

If you are profiled, I will feature your story in an article posted online. You can write it yourself or work with one of our editors. You may be interviewed by me and by local or national media. The extent of your involvement is up to you, but the first step is to complete the form below.

How to Become One of My Profiled Success Stories

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