"Announcing A Way For STUDENTS To Interview Me For FREE And Get A FREE Recording and Transcript"

Dear Student,

If you are working on any kind of project related to bipolar disorder or mental illness and would like to interview me, please read on.

I have a new way that students can:

  • Interview me for up to an hour over the phone
  • Get a free transcript of the interview
  • Get a free recording of the interview

Why Am I Doing This and Is There a Catch?

There is no catch. I believe in helping students and there aren’t thousands of students on my list that would want to interview me. So I am able to do it. I also believe in helping students when they are in school. People helped me when I had to write my thesis—they did so by paying for some of the transcription that I had done. Not to mention everyone I asked to interview agreed to do so and for free. I have never forgotten this.

Is This Really FREE?

Yes, it is. BUT, if you want to send me a college t-shirt (extra large), I wouldn’t say no to that. But this is all FREE.

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