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"How To Quickly And Easily Explain Bipolar To People"

Please allow me to personally help you explain
bipolar to your friends, family and co-workers.

Dear Friend,

As you probably already have realized, bipolar disorder isn't something that's easy to explain to other people sometimes. You may have a hard time talking about it because you're not sure how other people react or because you doubt your ability to explain it correctly. Whatever the case, I have some news that's going to make this task a lot easier for you.

You see, about a year ago, I realized that a huge problem with bipolar disorder is trying to explain it to other people. It's especially difficult to talk to family members or friends who are angry about your or your loved one's bipolar disorder.

What I've learned, however, is that most of that anger comes from a lack of understanding. The people who take the diagnosis the hardest are usually the same people who know the least about bipolar disorder or about mental illness in general.

That's why I decided to create a really simple, easy to understand, non-technical guide that would give anyone who read it the basic facts about bipolar disorder. It took me 6 months to put together a 22-page booklet that outlined those basics in a way that anyone, even someone who is extremely angry about your or your loved one's bipolar disorder or its effects.

Let me clear about one thing: this is NOT like most guides or brochures about bipolar disorder. There's tons of those lying around in doctor's offices, but they never tell the whole story about what this disorder is and what it's like to live with. My guide, on the other hand, was designed to be read by someone who should be supportive OR someone who simply doesn't understand the disorder but needs to learn the facts quickly and easily.

This booklet is called Everything You Want to Know About Bipolar Disorder . . . But Are Too Afraid, or Too Angry, To Ask. It's ideal for any of the following people:

  • Friends who have been hurt or angered by actions you or your loved one took because of bipolar disorder
  • Family members who are angry about things that have happened in the past
  • Employers
  • Teachers - This is critical if your son or daughter has bipolar disorder
  • Your school's principal, guidance counselor, etc.
  • Co-workers who've experienced your or your loved one's episodes
  • Anyone new in your life - friends, romantic interests, etc. -- who need to know about the disorder
  • Your local police - This is important if they aren't familiar with bipolar disorder since you want them to know the facts if you ever need their help
  • Anyone who doesn't believe that mental illnesses are real or who think you or your loved one are just "faking" or "trying to get attention."
  • Anyone who is interested in learning more about bipolar disorder, including students, neighbors, policymakers, etc.
  • Anyone you're worried about telling because you're afraid of their reaction - giving them the booklet to read may be easier than confronting them with the news.

Of course that's only a partial list of people who could benefit from the information in this booklet. In fact, you could even play the role of community educator by speaking to groups of people in your area and distributing copies of this booklet to everyone who attends. After all, the more educated our society becomes about bipolar disorder and mental illness, the better off bipolar survivors and supporters will be.

If you're still not sure that this booklet contains the information you need to share with your friends, family members, etc, then let me tell you what it contains.

Here's What My Bipolar Explanation Guide Will Show People

I've packed as much information as possible in this 22-page booklet, so that readers will learn

  • What bipolar disorder is and isn't
  • How to help someone with bipolar disorder
  • The different kinds of bipolar disorder
  • What depression is and isn't
  • What one can expect from someone who has bipolar disorder
  • How bipolar disorder feels from someone who actually has it
  • How people can get more information on bipolar disorder for FREE
  • Why people should help and support someone with bipolar disorder even if the person has said or done things that are offensive (this section is great)
  • Answers to frequently asked questions about bipolar disorder
  • What's it's like to have bipolar disorder or to support someone who does
  • How this book has helped other people learn about bipolar disorder and put aside their anger

And much more.

Trust me, you are going to love this booklet and you'll find that it will help you open up the channels of communication between you and the people you share it with.

Because I would recommend giving copies of this booklet to everyone who needs to know more about or better understand bipolar disorder, I worked out a special deal with my printer so I could give you a great deal.

Here's How Much You Can Get Them For

The table below gives you the pricing guidelines per copy. The printer and I worked it out so that the more copies you purchased the more money you'd save, since I didn't want anything to interfere with your ability to help the people in your life understand this disorder.

5 copies $2.99 per copy
12 copies $2.50 per copy
25 copies $1.97 per copy
50 copies $1.71 per copy
100 copies $1.37 per copy
250 copies $1.23 per copy
500 copies $0.98 per copy
1000 copies $0.75 per copy

With this deal, you can save up to 75% per copy. That's a great deal, especially if you have a lot of people who need to learn the facts about bipolar disorder.

Order Now And Get On The Road To Explaining Bipolar Easily

Don't keep struggling to find the right words to explain this disorder to your friends. Don't keep worrying about your loved one's anger towards you because of your disorder. Don't allow a lack of understanding hurt your child in school, your loved work at work, or even you in the community.

Take action today by letting me and the others in my booklet explain bipolar disorder to them for you. Believe me, sometimes all it takes to make the difference is for other people to understand more about what you or your loved one is going through.

Click here to order one or more of my Everything You Want to Know About Bipolar Disorder . . . But Are Too Afraid, or Too Angry, To Ask booklets.


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P. S. Remember that the more copies you order, the more you'll save and the more you'll make things easier for you, for your loved ones, and for the others in your community who are dealing with bipolar disorder, too.

"Being that I myself suffer from bipolar disorder, I can say first hand how extremely difficult it is to explain to others. I ordered your "Everything You Want to Know About Bipolar Disorder" (But Are Too Afraid Or Too Angry, To Ask) information book and I must tell you, it was a big help. I gave one to my parents, my husband, and my therapist. As a matter of fact, my therapist said that she may order them in bulk to distribute to other patients and families of those with bipolar disorder. It even told me a few interesting and insightful things I didn't know, and I am always gathering information on this terrible, unpredictable, and frustrating condition that I live with each day. It takes a very committed individual (not to mention a great son) to have devoted your time and energy to shedding some much needed light on what is a very misunderstood and "stigmatized" disease."

--Gina D., South Plainfield, New Jersey

"I just ordered your booklet about everything you wanted to know about Bipolar and were afraid to ask. It is wonderfully written and easy to understand. I bought some for my poor family and friends who have stayed the course with me, but don't really understand what course it is.

I cried when I read it because for the first time in my life, I related to so many of the people, and I even learned some things too. I don't always have answers when I have to explain this rotten disease to people. You are making a difference for me and I'm sure many, many others. I so appreciate everything you are trying to do. There is a special place in heaven reserved for you! Thank-you so much!"

--Sandy Kochevar

Let Me Help You Explain Bipolar Disorder

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