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The Vote Is In!

Well, the vote is in. Maybe. It’s all over…except for the recount. And the court cases. That’s if the judges don’t throw them out. And they should, by rights, because they are frivolous, and ridiculous, in my opinion.

I am not going to get political here (as I have avoided it up to this point), but I think it would behoove Trump just to bow out gracefully and with some dignity instead of acting like he is, which seems very childlike and immature. Certainly not a very good example for our young people.

Even with a recount, he still would not win, so why doesn’t he just give it up? Even his supporters are starting to back down at this point. I mean, this is really starting to get old, don’t you think?

And the sad part is how this whole thing is really dividing our country. Person against person, brother against brother. Even two of my sons are not speaking to each other at this point. It just breaks my mama’s heart. All over a presidential election.

That’s why I never get into politics, nor do I ever discuss politics with anyone – it only divides people. I never feel the need to so express my opinion over someone else’s. And I have never been into debate. Conflict is just so stressful to me, and with my bipolar disorder, I have to avoid stress at all costs.

We are supposed to be the greatest nation on earth. In the past, we have been respected, even feared, by all the other nations in the world.

But now, we are a laughingstock. There is no fear, no respect. Curiosity, probably, at best. Wondering (like so many of us here) what is going to become of us, when the infighting will stop, what will be the outcome? If Trump will ever step down, if he will ever willingly leave the White House? If/when things will ever get back to “normal.”

I, for one, will certainly be glad when things get back to at least some semblance of normal. I’m still stressed over this whole Covid thing and wearing a mask all the time and social distancing and the whole bit, which is bad enough. Now all this fighting and civil division over the election?

When WILL things get back to normal? When will the results of the election be finalized? My husband told me that if Trump does not willingly leave the White House by Jan. 20, he will be “escorted out” by Secret Service. Is that what our country has come to? So sad…

I try so hard to stay optimistic about life in general, to focus on the positive side of things. Not just because I’m a Christian, but because of my bipolar disorder. It’s the only way for me to stay stable and not to suffer from all the stress that life can bring otherwise.

But all this…I don’t know…it sure seems to be a losing battle sometimes. It is getting so hard to stay positive in a negative society.

But as one of our greatest musicians has stated: “ROCK ON!” Yes, that’s what we must do. No matter how things seem, or how bad they get, in spite of everything, we just have to hang in there, and hang on, and undoubtedly, things will get better. They always do.

So stay positive, take care of yourself, and stay safe.

Wishing you joy and stability,

Remember God loves you and so do I,

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