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Still Going Along (6 Feet Apart)

Well, I didn’t think this Covid thing would still be going on this long, but it is, with no end in sight. Pretty discouraging, isn’t it? Even though restaurants and other places have “opened up,” (albeit with tables spaced 6 feet apart due to social distancing requirements) I still only venture out to the grocery store and to pick up my medication, and then hurry back home to my sanctuary. Although I have to say I may be feeling brave enough to have a yard sale next weekend (with face mask in place), but only because it is outdoors, and people will be pretty much spaced apart anyway just due to the nature of the thing. Thing is, since the pandemic hit, they have had to close the flea market down, so we haven’t had that extra income coming in, and that’s hurt, so having a yard sale will help. If people will come, which we think they will, as there haven’t been that many in this area these days, but the ones that there have been have had people at them. Bottom line is, we could really use the money. So I think I’ll take the chance. I hate that even a yard sale has to be a risk, though. I hate these times. They are just so bizarre! I never thought I’d live to see something like coronavirus take over our world. I haven’t even been able to see my granddaughters in months (except for one quick visit), which really makes me sad. This forced isolation can be really dangerous for people with bipolar disorder and other mental illnesses. It can cause depression in people who are prone to it. People like us depend on other people, like friends and family who are our supporters, and who help us stay stable and help us notice if we are showing any signs of a bipolar episode. Left to ourselves, sometimes we just don’t see those signs, and next thing you know, we are in the throes of a major episode! For some of us, we are lucky enough to be able to work from home, but for others, this is a time of financial hardship. Some people say we are in a recession, and some people are even alarmingly saying that if this keeps up we may be facing a depression! And now we have all these protests, even violent ones (riots). And the whole Black Lives Matter thing is back, causing civil unrest and division among people. Where is this gonna end? I am not a politically motivated person. I do not discuss religion or politics with anyone, as I feel it just divides people (I see this in my own family). But I can’t get on my computer without seeing the headlines and all the political upheaval in our nation. These are scary times, my friends. Unlike me, my husband likes to discuss religion, politics, the protests, riots, guns, and basically anything controversial. He has opinions on everything, and loves to debate with people online. But not with me, because I will not participate. I cannot, because it will just stress me out, and stress is something I just cannot afford because of my bipolar disorder. Stress is something I avoid at all costs. If I get stressed out, I go into a bipolar episode. So, to maintain my stability, I don’t get emotional about the state of the union, the coronavirus, or anything else that is happening in the world today. How can I remain stress-free in spite of everything that is happening? I trust in God. That is my answer. My whole answer. That is how I keep my peace. And I do have peace, in spite of all the upheaval in the world today. I pray the same for you. Wishing you joy and stability, Remember God loves you and so do I, Michele

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