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Singing the Coronavirus Blues

Yeah, well, here we are, and still quarantined by choice. Yes, they have opened up the state again, but I for one do not trust it to be safe yet, so I am still staying home except to go for for groceries or medicine.

Not a whole lot of fun, to be sure, but not really a whole lot different than before the pandemic, either, to tell the truth.

I mean, I worked online before coronavirus, too, so working from home isn’t different for me. I know it is for a lot of people, but I’m used to it.

They closed my library, which kind of freaked me out for a little while there, because reading is what I primarily do, and I go through a book every other day, getting all my books from the library. And there is no telling when they’ll open it up again, either.

So I didn’t know what I was going to do. I put an ad on my Nextdoor web site, and most of the suggestions were to read ebooks, but I really didn’t want to do that.

But there was one answer to my post and this woman said she had four boxes of books for me. Well, it turned out these were four HUGE boxes of books, all authors I read, and I ended up buying 70 hardcover books from her for 50 cents apiece! Well worth it, the way I read. So that worked out really great.

I didn’t do a whole lot of anything before coronavirus, either, except work, do my chores, and read. A pretty sedentary life, but also a stress-free life. It has to be, because of my bipolar disorder.

I may not have the most exciting life, and it is mostly pretty routine, but at least I’m not going in and out of bipolar episodes like I used to all the time, either. That was no way to live.

I have a much better quality of life now, virus or no virus. I have a wonderful husband who also has bipolar disorder, so he really understands where I’m coming from, and is not only my best friend, but is also the best supporter I could have.

Every Friday we have Date Night. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant, or even expensive – in fact, it usually isn’t. Like a couple weeks ago, we got Subway subs and played Trivial Pursuit. We had a blast! He killed me of course (because I know nothing about sports or history).

My kids and grandkids are the world to me. It’s been so hard not being able to see my twin granddaughters, especially when they turned 7 last month and they had a birthday party, but we didn’t feel safe going out at that point, so we missed it.

Well, since they opened up everything this past week, we had the girls over to give them their birthday presents. Talk about hard, try keeping social distancing with a couple of 7-year-olds! I have to admit I cheated when they went to leave and I hugged them goodbye. I couldn’t help it.

But more than anything else, the Lord is the most important thing in my life. I would not even be alive if not for Him. I was so self-destructive before He helped me straighten out my life from drugs and alcohol, getting me clean and sober and on medication for my bipolar disorder. Now my life is so great. God is so good to me.

My faith is so strong and is helping me get through this trying time of a pandemic that is otherwise terrifying and overwhelming. The Bible says, “When I am afraid I will trust in Him.” That is helping me a lot. I hope it helps you too. We need to stay strong so we can stay stable.

Wishing you joy and stability,

Remember God loves you and so do I,

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