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Suicidal Thoughts

I was so pleased when I checked the blog today and saw how many of you responded to each other’s comments, each helping the other. That is exactly what I had hoped would happen. First, let me clear up a few things. Many have asked where they can read the Manic Episode article. Go to […]

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We Can Help Each Other

Wow! I am so overwhelmed at the responses to my first post yesterday. Here I was telling y’all that YOU are not alone, all the while hoping that *I* was not alone! Well, I sure did learn my lesson. But here’s the thing. I received so many emails, so many of you sharing your stories […]

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“What’s Good About Bipolar?” by Michele Soloway Okay, calm down! Just like the rest of you, my first instinct was to scream at David, “There’s absolutely nothing good about having bipolar disorder (BP);” and, of course, to tell him he was crazy to even think there is! However, in reading your posts, and considering my […]

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First Impressions

Hey, y’all, When Dave first approached me to begin journaling on this blog as a bipolar survivor, I was so excited! I thought, gee, I have so much to share, I can help so many people, I’ve got this thing all under control, blah blah blah. Well, let me tell you. God really does have […]

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