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Good News About Biopsy

You know about my CKD (chronic kidney disease), right? Well, last Friday morning they did a biopsy on my right kidney, and I just got the results this morning.

I was so worried that the results would be so bad, because my blood values had been so low – my GFR was only 17, just two points above kidney failure, which would mean dialysis, so I was really scared about this biopsy.

I mean, I was losing sleep over it and everything – then I was afraid I was going into a bipolar manic episode, because that’s what happens when I start losing sleep. And I thought, that’s all I need on top of this kidney thing, right?

Well, it turns out all that worrying was for nothing! The biopsy was actually good news.

The doctor said that the low blood values are because my kidneys have scarring on the artery and kidney, actually 60% of the kidney is scarred, but 40% of it is good, which is good news.

But the best news is that there is NO active disease process! What that means is that the damage that is there has already been done, nothing more is happening.

So there is no treatment necessary at this time or in the near future! NO dialysis! Praise the Lord! The doctor said that is years away, so I don’t have to worry, I can go on living my life as I have the past four years with this CKD.

She said the scarring is probably from high blood pressure in my past, but I told her that I have never had high blood pressure, so she is going to go back to the guy and tell him that and ask him if maybe there is another reason for the scarring.

I am just SO happy that there is no active disease process. That is a direct answer to prayer. God is so good, isn’t He? Amen and amen.

I am so glad I had this biopsy done. It answered so many questions for me. And gave us (me and my kidney doctor) a clear path for the future.

Sometimes, what we have to face is very frightening, and we may not want to do it. But if we place it in God’s hands, and think, “God is greater than my fear” (which I did), and go ahead and do it anyway, in spite of our fear, the results can be better than we thought they could ever be! That’s when we know that God’s in charge.

Wishing you joy and stability,
Remember God loves you and so do I,

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