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Getting New Glasses

I remember when I first got new glasses, and it was like I could see things clearly for the very first time! I had had glasses once a long time ago, but I had gone without them for many years at that point (due to my own vanity) and had just been using reading glasses for up-close reading when I needed them.

It just got to the point, though, where reading glasses weren’t good enough any more, and I finally had to “face the music” and go out and get “real” glasses to correct my vision.

The minute I put on my new glasses, it was like someone had taken away a hazy shield from my world! Everything was in focus, and I could see things far away that I never could before.

Oh, how my husband laughed at me as I started reading license plates, store signs and street signs as we pulled away from the eye center where I’d gotten my new glasses.

I was like a child in a new world, with this new clarity! It was so exciting to see things in this new way – or to see things for the first time, no longer just blurry renditions of themselves.

It’s kind of like with bipolar disorder – like in the beginning, when you’ve been struggling along for so long with the undiagnosed disorder, and then you’re finally diagnosed and put on the right medication, and all of a sudden you see your whole world with a clarity you’ve never seen it with before!

All of a sudden, your world makes sense! Whereas before, your thoughts (and judgment) may have been clouded, now they are suddenly very clear.

You are able to make decisions easier and to make better ones, because your mind is no longer so “foggy.” Like how I felt putting on my glasses for the first time – all of a sudden everything is easier, clearer.

Things that seemed so difficult before (like getting out of bed) are easier to do now. Then after some time has passed, even easier to do, to the point that you wonder why it was ever difficult in the first place!

Bipolar disorder can stop you from being able to do many things until you are properly diagnosed and put on the right medications.

Then, however, it’s like me getting my new glasses – all of a sudden you can “see” with clarity what you couldn’t see before.

It can even give you the confidence to try new things – things you wouldn’t even consider trying before.

Wishing you joy and stability,

Remember God loves you and so do I,

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