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Do You Believe in Miracles?

Do you believe in miracles? I DO!

About three years ago, I was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease (CKD), stage 4. There are only 5 stages, and at stage 5 you need dialysis.

The thing is, for the past three years, I have not had ANY symptoms of kidney disease at all! I have been perfectly healthy! Which, you might say, is a miracle in itself.

The only indication that I have CKD at all is that I have an elevated creatinine level in my blood and a low kidney function score (GFR). But, again, this has been happening for three years.

But Stage 4 kidney disease is something to be concerned about, wouldn’t you say? I mean, one stage away from dialysis?

So, it finally got to me and, even though I don’t have any symptoms, I decided to start praying that God would heal me from the CKD.

I made a post on Facebook asking all my friends to agree with me in prayer that God would heal me and that my next blood test would reveal the results of that healing.

Well, God does answer prayers, praise the Lord!

It’s not a complete healing, but it is a miracle!

My last results showed Stage 4 kidney disease. This was a repeat blood test one month later (with prayer in between).

These results showed a REVERSAL to Stage 3 kidney disease!

See, the thing is (and the reason that this is a miracle) that CKD is NOT supposed to be reversible. You can stay in the same stage for years and even be without symptoms, but you CANNOT go BACK to a previous stage!

So, this is proof that God is working in my situation, and answering our prayers!

I am so very grateful. This thing has had me praying every day, and grateful in my prayers for another day of no symptoms, living as healthy as I have been. It’s helped me have an attitude of gratitude, living one day at a time.

It has helped me keep my priorities in order as well. Little things that used to seem like such big deals to me just don’t seem to matter any more, in the big scheme of things, relative to the CKD.

I am grateful for every day that my bipolar disorder is under control and that I am stable. And in May, it will be 11 years since the last time I had to be hospitalized for an episode!

I am grateful for a wonderful husband who loves me so much and is even more than a husband – he is my supporter as well, and helps keep me stable.

I am grateful for a beautiful home, in which there is so much peace, and no turmoil. It keeps me stress-free, and contributes to my stability as well.

I love my children and grandchildren, and am so grateful for having them in my life, and for such good relationships with them. I get to see my twin granddaughters every week, and I get so much joy from that. They are such a blessing to me.

I just cannot tell you how very grateful to God I am for such a wonderful life that I have right now, considering that there was a time when I had such a terrible life that I considered suicide as an option!

There was a time when bipolar disorder made my life almost unlivable, until I was diagnosed in my 40s and put on the right medication that enabled me to improve my life and reach the stability that I still enjoy today.

If you are still struggling with confusion and instability in your life because of bipolar disorder, I encourage you strongly to see a doctor/psychiatrist, get properly diagnosed and on the right medication so you, too, can reach the stability you deserve.

Wishing you joy and stability,

Remember God loves you and so do I,

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