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Hey, y’all–I need some help. I’m trying to write an article on when or if to tell people you have bipolar disorder, and I can’t find any information at all out there on this subject (which, of course, tells me that I really need to write an article on it!). So I need feedback from […]

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Everyday Miracles

Sometimes I get so focused on the negatives in life, the downside that BP so easily surrounds me with, that I forget to “Stop and smell the roses”–to appreciate the everyday miracles that I take for granted. For instances, it is a miracle that I am even alive today. I lived a very self-destructive lifestyle […]

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Friends to Friends

Hey, y’all– I just wanted to thank everyone for being so supportive during my recent depression. Your comments were so encouraging, and I appreciated every one–although it was a bit convicting to read my own words written back at me! Nicolep wrote and reminded me that I had previously posted on here: “Give it one […]

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Being true to my word about posting about both the ups and downs of living with bipolar disorder, I have to share about how I feel today, which is the down side of this insidious disorder. I swear, if this thing were a physical entity (I picture it like a dragon, spewing fire out of […]

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To Tell or Not To Tell

Y’all are gonna love this! I actually went on a date. Yeah, me! First time in over two years. Let me tell you about it. Ok, confession time first. Now, don’t laugh. Promise? Ok. I signed up on a telephone Date Line. Aw, see? There you go laughing. I knew you would (chuckle). Well, really, […]

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Suicidal Thoughts

I was so pleased when I checked the blog today and saw how many of you responded to each other’s comments, each helping the other. That is exactly what I had hoped would happen. First, let me clear up a few things. Many have asked where they can read the Manic Episode article. Go to […]

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We Can Help Each Other

Wow! I am so overwhelmed at the responses to my first post yesterday. Here I was telling y’all that YOU are not alone, all the while hoping that *I* was not alone! Well, I sure did learn my lesson. But here’s the thing. I received so many emails, so many of you sharing your stories […]

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Opening Post

“What’s Good About Bipolar?” by Michele Soloway Okay, calm down! Just like the rest of you, my first instinct was to scream at David, “There’s absolutely nothing good about having bipolar disorder (BP);” and, of course, to tell him he was crazy to even think there is! However, in reading your posts, and considering my […]

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First Impressions

Hey, y’all, When Dave first approached me to begin journaling on this blog as a bipolar survivor, I was so excited! I thought, gee, I have so much to share, I can help so many people, I’ve got this thing all under control, blah blah blah. Well, let me tell you. God really does have […]

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