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Being Creative

It has often and for a long time been thought that people who have bipolar disorder are more creative than the general population.

I’ve known even before I was diagnosed with the disorder that I was a creative person. For example, I learned to play the piano and guitar before I was even a teenager (and still play them to this day).

My mom would always tell the story of my “entrepreneurship” and how I was “ahead of my time” when I was a teenager. I used to make denim purses out of old pairs of blue jeans (long before they were ever for sale in the stores) and give them to my friends.

For myself, I used to embroider my denim jeans and skirts, just to be different.

When my boys were little, I used to paint T-shirts for them. That was when Mario Brothers had first come out. Remember that? I even painted some to sell at the local flea market.

When times were tough and I was unable to work outside the home, I made arts and crafts and sold them at craft shows to make money. That was when my creativity really showed!

I was also creative in the way I arranged my home. I would display my “collections” prominently but in a creative way that showed them off best. I used to call it “imaginative clutter” as a joke.

But I’ve always been creative in my approach to life as well. I’ve always known I was different, long before I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Talk about trying to fit a square peg into a round hole! Before admitting that it just wouldn’t fit the hole, I would try every way in my creative imagination to make that square peg fit before admitting defeat.

Math was always difficult for me, because you couldn’t approach it creatively – there was only one right answer, and it was so analytical! English was always my best subject, of course, because I could be so creative in my writing.

Yes, my creativity has served me well, despite my bipolar disorder (or maybe because of it).

Wishing you joy and stability,

Remember God loves you and so do I,

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