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Bad Days Are Going to Happen

When you have bipolar disorder, you have to take the bad days with the good (which is true for life in general, but especially true when it comes to bipolar).

You can’t take it to the extreme, however. What am I talking about? Well, first, of all, you can’t assume that every time you feel bad or are in a bad mood that it means you are in a bipolar depressive episode.

Bad days are going to happen, no matter what. They even happen to people who don’t have bipolar disorder.

What I’m saying is that although you still have to be vigilant and watch for triggers, and signs and symptoms of a bipolar episode, you don’t need to assume that every time you feel bad that it’s an episode in the making, either. Remember, bad days are going to happen – it’s just part of the disorder.

You just have to take the bad days with the good when you have bipolar disorder, but just remember that you can get through them. When they come, just tell yourself that this is NOT a bipolar episode, but only a bad day.

Then try to be positive, and do something to take your mind off it (which you can usually accomplish by doing positive things).

When you set your mind on positive thinking, positive actions usually follow.

First, accept that this is only a bad feeling, or a bad mood, or a bad (bipolar) day, and not an episode.

Then turn your mind to the positive, like thinking you can get through this, as you have before.

Try thinking positive things, like being grateful that you are not, in fact, in a bipolar episode.

Wishing you joy and stability,

Remember God loves you and so do I,

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