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June 6, 2005

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Neighbor's conviction riles residents
San Jose Mercury News - San Jose,CA,USA
... Balu is bipolar, and did not receive medication for his disorder until being diagnosed by a doctor at Atascadero State Hospital, well after the trial. ...

Bipolar conference to focus on children - Austin,TX,USA
Bipolar disorder, a mental illness that was originally thought only to affect adults, will now be examined in children at the International Conference on ...

Management of Bipolar Disorder During Pregnancy The Postpartum ...
Focus (subscription) - USA
... D. , and Lori Altshuler, MD. Objective: Bipolar disorder affects 0.5%--1.5% of individuals in the United States. The typical age at ...

'Cannabis' may help mentally ill
BBC News - UK
Chemicals found in cannabis could be used to relieve symptoms of severe mental illnesses such as bipolar disorder, researchers have claimed. ...

To those who are bipolar, it isn'ta disease -- it's a gift
Times Herald-Record - Middletown,NY,USA
... Sascha DuBrul is bipolar. ... The link between creativity and bipolar disorder is difficult to quantify but inescapably part of the artist's domain. ...

Advocates say new law on mental health parity is a good beginning
KWQC-TV - Davenport,IA,USA
... Those include schizophrenia, major depression and bipolar disorder. It doesn't include eating disorders, substance abuse and attention deficit disorders. ...

Mental Health Medication - USA
Recently a fellow blogger-ette wrote about her experience with bipolar disorder and how she "came out of the closet". And I found ...

Mental health benefits burden
Read more here.

Depression leads to heart disease, a top Italian cardiologist said. 'Someone who's mentally low is more inclin
Read more here.

Jenkins drank, fought depression while hurt
Read more here.

Acclaimed mental health system struggles to meet demand
Read more here.

Depression Crusade:
Read more here.

Study: New York economy loses billions to depression, suicide
Read more here.

Changing the Course of Depression by Changing the Environment
Read more here.

Mountain Climber Leads Expedition of Hope for People Battling Depression Read more here.

Cymbalta Reduced Anxiety Symptoms in Elderly Patients with Depression, New Analysis Read more here.

Majority of People with Depression Are Not Effectively Treated, USA Read more here.

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