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March 22, 2005

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Is life getting manic? A survey of bipolar symptoms in the ... - World
... and Psychosomatics they reported these symptoms as being so frequent that either life is getting manic or the criteria for diagnosing bipolar disorder are ...

Age of Depression Locally, toll hits hard
Daytona Beach News-Journal - Daytona,FL,USA
... That number dwarfs the sum of those affected by other mental illnesses such as bipolar disorder, which afflicts 2.3 million adults, and borderline personality ...

Mental health help for police needed
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Too many tasks, too little play, can cause depression, poor health
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Mental health in crisis over shortage of doctors
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Therapists to unite in pro bono effort for mental health (03-21-2005)
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Teenager charged as an adult in killing of mental health worker
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Two more suspects arrested in slaying of mental health worker
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Q&A Tuesday: Mental Health Court aids criminal offenders
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LETTER- Photos key to mental health
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Teenager charged as an adult in killing of mental health worker
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Treating depression in seniors
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Mel C Uses Acupuncture To Beat Depression
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Study: Depression can be treated in seniors
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Dave's News

I will be making a new mini course for those who have bipolar disorder. It's called the Bipolar Survivor's Mini Course and is only for those who actually have bipolar disorder (rather than supporters). When I send out the message about it, you will find a page where you can sign up. BUT, if you are in my one message series for supporters of those with bipolar, you will be taken out and put in the new message series.

So if you do not have bipolar disorder, do not sign up for this message series or you will automatically be removed from the message series for supporters. This mini course will have 14 parts, 16 articles, 72 tips and some other tidbits. The first part stretches to just about 90 days. The second part goes on for a couple of months. The tips will come for 2 years so that you are always learning incrementally over time. The entire mini course will be spread out over about 2.5 years. It has been a MASSIVE project. I mean MASSIVE.


Don't worry, I would not leave the bipolar supporters out. I have done the same thing for the bipolar supporter's mini course. I have created a new, updated version. It's going to have 16 parts, 12 articles and about 68 tips.


I am also going to be writing up a complete update on my mom. It's going to be really instructive for people to see how she went from slowly becoming ill to requiring hospitalization to getting somewhat well for about 2 months to her relapse for 5 weeks to finally being 100% stable and getting the green light from her doctor to do many things.

I believe that this will really help everyone see what they are up against when faced with the unstable nature of bipolar disorder. The worst thing with bipolar disorder is not knowing what comes next.

You probably are wondering: Is this normal? I wonder what all happened to Dave and his family? I wonder how long it will take for stability? I wonder if he had the same problems I do? etc.

By looking at my mom's story, you will get a snapshot of one "worst case scenario" which I hope will make you feel I little better (I hope) and a bit more inspired to continue striving toward stability and wholeness despite bipolar disorder in yourself or your own family.


I am also looking for success stories concerning people with bipolar disorder and their supporters. If you would like to write and share your story on a new resources website I have coming out, I will send you a link where you can apply.

In April I have information coming out on getting health care if you don't have it, have little money for health insurance, or have health insurance but would like to find some with better coverage.

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