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Bipolar News

December 23, 2011


The Falcon Messenger: Is mental illness in teens; going unnoticed?
Mental illnesses such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder are becoming more common for teenagers to struggle with. These disorders are often going undiagnosed or unnoticed, leaving those who are afflicted to suffer. Oftentimes these illnesses are ...

Motions Unmask Moods
Scientific American
A new study finds that people with bipolar disorder tend to sway more than those who are unaffected, which may lead to new ways to treat and diagnose the illness. When psychologists diagnose bipolar disorder, they typically look for mood swings between ...

Province ignores the mentally disabled
Edmonton Journal
In Alberta, people with physical disorders or disabilities are receiving services they require, while people with mental or psychiatric disorders or disabilities are not entitled or eligible for the services we require. I have bipolar disorder, ...

CORRECT(12/13): FDA Panel Recommends Use Of Alexza Pharma's Bipolar Treatment
Wall Street Journal
A corrected version follows:) Alexza Pharmaceuticals Inc. (ALXA) said a US Food and Drug Administration panel has recommended that its schizophrenic and bipolar disorder treatment be approved for use. Shares were recently up 76% to $1.10 as the ...

Health Canada Approves Abilify To Treat Schizophrenia In Adolescents - Update
Ltd. Abilify is the first and only medication in Canada approved to treat schizophrenia in adolescents and it was first approved in 2009 for the treatment of schizophrenia and Bipolar disorder in adults. Schizophrenia is a serious, ...

Shania Twain's Stalker Appeals Guilty Plea
The Boot
Palumbo's medical license has been suspended, pending a hearing with the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons. With a documented 20-year history of mental illness, he has been officially diagnosed with bipolar disorder and narcissistic ...

Facing vision loss, she wrote a book in a week's time
News Sentinel
Then when she and her husband adopted a son, he was later diagnosed as bipolar. The daughter they adopted later also struggles with bipolar disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder and extreme anxiety. Now Patterson has developed a rare eye disease that ...

Ms. Zaricor-Ritchie claimed she was disabled by bipolar disorder and depression with an onset date of March 23, 2004. After administrative denials of her claims for benefits, she had two hearings before an ALJ, who concluded she was not disabled at ...

Your Family Tree Can Reveal Your Risk for Eating Disorders
Huffington Post (blog)
Anorexia nervosa, an eating disorder characterized by extreme low body weight and a refusal to consume sufficient calories to support bodily functioning, has been found to be as inheritable as bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. ...

Partnership helps people back to work
Livingston Daily
Draganski's pocketbook has become more robust, but he's doing something others in his position are not — holding down a job while suffering from a mental illness. Draganski, 34, suffers from a bipolar disorder, and in mid-October, he was hired at the ...

Mood Stabilizers Offer Hope For Huntington's Treatment
Psychiatric News
Although lithium has been a standard treatment for bipolar disorder for more than half a century, and although valproate is also effective in treating bipolar disorder, the precise mechanisms of how these drugs work are still poorly understood. ...

Beaulieu found not guilty by reason of insanity for stabbing parents
Fall River Herald News
Both doctors agreed that Beaulieu suffered from Schizoaffective Disorder, bipolar disorder, was psychotic and experiencing hallucinations, was out of touch with reality and was profoundly affected by his mental illness on the night of the stabbings. ...

The Unreal World: 'Homeland' and bipolar disorder
Los Angeles Times
What is bipolar disorder? Is it possible to hide the symptoms from one's co-workers, especially in a high-stress job such as Carrie's? Can the condition be exacerbated after a traumatic event, such as a bombing? Is it proper for a doctor to treat a ...

Researchers seeking volunteers for study of light therapy
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Researchers at the Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic of UPMC are seeking adults ages 18 to 75 who have bipolar disorder with current major depression for an ongoing study of light therapy to improve mood symptoms and feelings of well-being.

I've Been Honored by ShareCare in the Top 10 for Helping People With Depression
About - News & Issues
Since 1998 I've been working to help people who have bipolar disorder, including, of course, those who must cope with bipolar depression. I'm greatly honored to be recognized by ShareCare! I'm also proud to be associated with the others on ShareCare's ...

Opioids Abuse may be Triggered by Mood and Anxiety Disorders
"Lifetime non-medical prescription opioid use was associated with the incidence of any mood disorder, major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder and all anxiety disorders. Non-medical opioid-use disorder due to non-medical prescription opioid use was ...

Corona del Mar Today: Store honors owner's wife
Daily Pilot
The Mush Foundation, named for Karen's nickname, will focus on bipolar disorder and the importance of medication compliance. The foundation has not been formally created, but eventually it will feature a website that allows bipolar people to sign up ...

Coping with mental illness at Christmas
When I was coming to terms with my mental illness (bipolar disorder) I remember Christmas being an unpleasant period. I felt more exposed than at other times of the year because I wanted to try to be sociable. Others wanted me to be at parties or go ...

Accused parent killer mentally ill, lawyer says
Sydney Morning Herald
A man charged with murdering his parents in their Melbourne home suffers from schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, a court has been told. Brett Anthony Smith, 31, was charged yesterday with the murder of Michael and Kim Smith, aged in their 60s, ...

Man accused of Vermont South double-murder is mentally ill, court hears
Herald Sun
Picture: Ben Swinnerton Source: Herald Sun A MAN charged with murdering his parents in their home in Melbourne's east suffers from schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, a court has been told. Brett Anthony Smith, 31, was charged yesterday with the murder ...

Daniel Bader, PhD, Looks at How Mental Illness is Portrayed on Reality ...
Emailwire (press release)
Toronto, Canada -- This month, Amber Portwood, one of the four single moms who appeared on the MTV television show “Teen Mom,” said that she has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and that she also tried to commit suicide after the latest season of ...

Caledonia Man Tries To Commit Suicide By Running Into Traffic
Caledonia Police officers get the man, who has a bipolar disorder, help after he went off of his medications. By Denise Lockwood An 18-year-old Caledonia man, who has a bipolar disorder, had an argument with his family and ran out in front of traffic ...

NAMI-Yolo planning Spring Family Program
Daily Democrat
The sessions cover the major severe brain disorders such as schizophrenia, major depression, and bipolar disorder, as well as their diagnosis and current treatment. Research on these misunderstood illnesses is ongoing and NAMI keeps up to date with the ...

Left-handedness: On the other hand
Rockford Register Star (blog)
13, I mentioned a recent story in the Wall Street Journal about a "striking predisposition" between left-handedness (and mixed-handedness) and mental illnesses such as bipolar disorder and ADHD. I did not mean if you are left-handed, you will have a ...

My Experience with Church and Mental Illness (blog)
She married her college sweetheart who has Attention Deficit Disorder plus Rapid-Cycling Bipolar Disorder. They have been happily married for 10 years, have three kids, and live in Nebraska USA. Rita works as the publications director for Attachment ...

Source: Mother was not taking medication for bipolar disorder before shootings
Bloomington Pantagraph
McMeen suffered from bipolar disorder, but was not taking medication at the time of the shootings, Wendy Warren said. Livingston County Coroner Michael P. Burke and Sheriff Martin Meredith were asked by reporters at a news conference Monday about ...

TribLocal hero an advocate for parents whose children have special needs
He has bipolar disorder, and couldn't adapt to the large school, with changing classes. It took Cari Levin a year of talking with school officials, but finally she got him into a much smaller school where today she said he is doing beautifully. ...

Nutritional Therapies Can Treat Common Mental Disorders
by Mita Majumdar on December 22, 2011 at 4:29 PM Health Watch Nutritional supplements in appropriate doses can help treat the four most common mental disorders – major depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), ...

Bipolar, Porn Obsession, Drug Relapse, Holiday Drama :Blind Items
Hollywood Dame
~Which performer announced to his record label that he's been diagnosed with bipolar disorder after going on a tear of unpredictable, smashing-up-equipment backstage rampages? [NY Post] My Guess: Ooo…this is a tough one. Bipolar Disorder is really a ...

Medical marijuana for ADD? State considers it
Seattle Post Intelligencer
In February of 2010, the medical commission denied a request from a man who had suffered from a social anxiety disorder since the fifth grade. He said cannabis had helped him more than any other treatment. Other patients with bipolar disorder, ...

Commissioners To Deal With Sheriff Davis Issue This Friday
By WHKP News Director Larry Freeman Henderson County Commission Chairman Tommy Thompson has called a meeting of the commissioners at 1pm this Friday afternoon to deal with the issue of Sheriff Rick Davis, his reported manic bi polar disorder, ...

Rare genetic mutations linked to bipolar disorder
EurekAlert (press release)
But their role was unclear in bipolar disorder, previously known as manic depression. Principal investigator Jonathan Sebat, PhD, assistant professor of psychiatry and cellular and molecular medicine at UC San Diego's Institute of Genomic Medicine, ...

Warwickshire bipolar man 'saved' by art
BBC News
A Warwickshire man says his hobby as an artist has "saved" him and helped him to cope with bipolar disorder. Jean-Pierre Kunzler, 44, from Leamington Spa, started painting 25 years ago as a way of dealing with the low or depressed points of his illness ...

4 victims of Emington murder-suicide will be buried today
Chicago Tribune
McMeen suffered from bipolar disorder and postpartum depression, and her mental health issues were a strain on her relationship, according to her boyfriend's mother, Wendy Warren. Funeral services for McMeen's boyfriend, Daniel Warren, 29, ...

David Yates Might Make Bi-Polar Magical Realism with 'Your Voice in My Head'
Film School Rejects
Yates is reportedly on board to direct Your Voice in My Head- an adaptation of the Emma Forrest memoir of the same name which chronicles her experience with bipolar disorder and the death of the psychiatrist who was helping her cope. ...

Local Digest Around the Northwest
The Seattle Times
The board previously rejected requests to add anxiety, depression, social phobia and bipolar disorders, although some patients say marijuana offers therapeutic relief of symptoms. A new baby orca was photographed Saturday in a pod that lives in Puget ...

CNVs appear to play a significant role in early onset bipolar disorder
An international team of scientists, led by researchers at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine, reports that abnormal sequences of DNA known as rare copy number variants, or CNVs, appear to play a significant role in the risk for early onset bipolar disorder.

Rockport boy works to overcome diagnosis
Corpus Christi Caller Times
When he was 3 years old he was diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and then later with bipolar disorder. His parents, Eric and Lily, do what they can to provide him with all the normal things a boy his age might enjoy such as Boy ...

No response yet from Sheriff Davis as deadline approaches
The Hendersonville Times-News
Henderson County commissioners have given Sheriff Rick Davis until noon Friday to return to work or request a formal leave of absence after he announced he was taking sick time to get treatment for manic bipolar disorder.

SC judge upholds $327M verdict over J&J drug marketing; other state, federal cases pending
Washington Post
TRENTON, N.J. - A South Carolina judge has upheld a $327 million civil penalty against Johnson & Johnson, which was found guilty by a jury of overstating the safety and effectiveness of antipsychotic drug Risperdal. Attorneys for the state say it'
s the biggest verdict in the country over the marketing of Risperdal. The pill for schizophrenia and bipolar disorder once brought J&J more than $3.4 ...

This Week's Bipolar News

7 Nutrient-Packed Foods for People With Bipolar Disorder - Everyday Health
Everyday Health
If you have bipolar disorder, here's why foods rich in vitamin B or omega-3's belong on your plate.

Cannabis Use May Offer Wide-Ranging Benefits for Bipolar Disorder - The Debrief
A new study suggests that regular cannabis use may offer a wide range of potential benefits to people suffering from Bipolar Disorder.

Auburn man accused of leaving voicemail threatening Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan
He has been diagnosed with illnesses including schizoaffective disorder and bipolar disorder and has been arrested more than 70 times, resulting in ...

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The Warning Signs Of An Impending Bipolar Disorder Manic Episode

Bipolar disorder - as the name implies - involves two distinct set of symptoms. One set throws the individual down into the depths of a massive depression. The other places the individual who suffers with bipolar disorder at the top of a peak manic episode.

Most everyone can eventually recognize the warning signs of an impending depressive episode related to bipolar disorder. More likely than not, individuals with bipolar disorder try very hard to avoid it.

However, for many individuals with bipolar disorder, it's more difficult to recognize the signs of an impending manic episode. After all, a manic episode of bipolar disorder can be mistaken in some cases - especially in the very early formation -- for the lifting of the corresponding mood swing of the depression.

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