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Bipolar News

July 15, 2010

Brad Leonard leaves mark after battling mental condition
Lexington Dispatch
Overcoming a bipolar disorder was a hurdle for the 47-year-old since he was first diagnosed with the condition on his 30th birthday on Jan. 31, 1994. The disorder, according to his family, caused him to take his own life on June 18, the day before ...

Week ahead
Charlotte Observer
The Pulitzer-winning musical about a mother with bipolar disorder comes through on its national tour, with Alice Ripley (who won a Tony in this role) heading the cast. Adult themes and language. Through July 17. The heavy metal band brings its tour to ...

Laramie man sentenced for possession of child porn
Laramie Boomerang
Since he has a severe bipolar disorder, Banwart was ordered to continue taking medication after he is released from the detention center. “You get off your meds,” Donnell said, “that will be a violation of your probation.” Finally, Banwart was allowed ...

Cops are searching for a missing pregnant teen
19 Action News
She is currently nine months pregnant, suffers from bipolar disorder and has not taken her medication. Cleveland Police learned of Raymonique Stamps' missing status on July 6, when a Parmadale Childcare Worker notified police that she had ran away ...

Sumlin was returned to Fulton County in January 2010 and, according to her, she had been treated for bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. During Crump's meeting with Sumlin in jail on January 11, 2010, she advised Sumlin that a petition for termination ...

Painting towards healing
Vernon Morning Star
... Tulip Delight, was selected to be on the posters and invitations for the Awakening the Spirit Art Show and Sale celebrating the creative talents of people living with mental illnesses like depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. ...

Ever Want to Spit Nails?
About - News & Issues
A moderator of a Facebook group posted two of my complete articles on the group's site: What the ONE thing would you say ONE friend or family member about your bipolar disorder? and What Are Generic Drugs? Are They Safe? Why Do They Cost Less? ...

Jail time for cop assault
Bundaberg NewsMail
A MAN with bipolar disorder who assaulted a police officer has been sent back to jail. Casey Owen Ludcke, 29, faced Bundaberg Magistrates Court on Friday on charges of committing public nuisance, obstructing police and a serious assault on an officer. ...

The insanity verdict: 2 lawyers and a judge on mental health mission
Palm Beach Post
a Delray Beach dispatcher recently said to a 45-year-old man with bipolar disorder who had called in what police suspected was a fake bomb threat. Still, police had to send out the bomb squad, and Raymond promptly was rearrested as he stood in his ...
Bond out of reach for teen
The Clarion-Ledger
By the age of 15, her son was exhibiting signs of attention deficit disorder and he was diagnosed as bipolar, Darlene Gardner said.
Brain Scans May Help Identify Bipolar, ADHD Kids: Study
HealthDay via Yahoo! News
FRIDAY, Oct. 15 (HealthDay News) -- Using brain imaging to look at how working memory is influenced by emotions may help identify which children have bipolar disorder and which have attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), researchers suggest.
Health Tip: Symptoms That May Indicate Bipolar Disorder
HealthDay via Yahoo! News
(HealthDay News) -- Bipolar disorder causes major mood swings, ranging from depression to manic (elevated) mood.
Bipolar Disorder Tied to High Suicide Risk in Veterans
HealthDay via Yahoo! News
 MONDAY, Nov. 1 (HealthDay News) -- Military veterans with psychiatric illnesses are at increased risk for suicide, says a new study
Fluctuating Hormones Linked to More Severe Bipolar Symptoms
HealthDay via Yahoo! News
TUESDAY, Feb. 15 (HealthDay News) -- In women with bipolar disorder, premenstrual mood changes are associated with more depressive episodes and more severe symptoms, researchers have found.
Report Offers Hope to People Diagnosed With Bipolar Disorder
Science Daily (press release)
ScienceDaily (July 11, 2011) — Mood swings are not always best understood as an illness called 'bipolar disorder', and medication is not the only way to cope with them, says a British Psychological Society report. The report, Understanding Bipolar ...
Centre to research mental health
BBC News
Professor Craddock, a bipolar disorder expert, said: "People with mental health problems need help and support to enable them to cope with their illness. "Mental health problems can affect anyone, regardless of age, race, gender or social background. ...

Bipolar Disorder Q&A: Can Long-Term Acute Pain Lead to Bipolar Disorder? (blog)
A lot of his symptoms I've seen in several bipolar individuals who I am familiar with. He asked me if he could be bipolar. Therapist thinks pain. I can't offer an accurate diagnosis without seeing the patient, but bipolar disorder is typically caused ...

Living with being bipolar
Cambridge News
Recurrent spells of depression and mania are what bipolar disorder is. It is a lifelong problem that can severely affect your work and relationships. However, there are people who get lower levels of depression or manic symptoms which are persistent ...

Mass psychosis in the US
Once upon a time, antipsychotics were reserved for a relatively small number of patients with hard-core psychiatric diagnoses - primarily schizophrenia and bipolar disorder - to treat such symptoms as delusions, hallucinations, or formal thought ...

Forever Fighting The Stigma Of Mental Illness
Herald Scotland
According to the World Health Organisation bipolar disorder is the sixth leading cause of disability in the world. It can destroy lives and families. It demands serious attention. It is not “all in the mind”, as is commonly held, but has its origins in ...

Family honors Lum's memory as they search for answers
Stockton Record
Just as he did immediately after his eldest son's death, Jerry Lum wonders where the humanitarianism was on the day his son, who suffered from bipolar disorder and was hallucinating and paranoid resulting from a recent change in medicine at the time of ...

Be Great for a Great Cause
In addition, my mom was struggling with undiagnosed bipolar disorder, which manifested itself most often in fits of rage directed at me. Though my parents originally registered me with the club as a form of day care, it became much more than that to me ...

Mental illness advocacy groups pinpoint causes, encourage treatment
Asbury Park Press
LINDA WALLS/SPECIAL TO THE PRESS of American adults experience a mental disorder in a given year. 5.7 million American adults are affected by bipolar disorder. 14.8 million American adults are affected by major depressive disorder. ...
Demi Lovato's Comeback Single “Skyscraper” (FULL SONG)
Get excited Demi Lovato fans: The former Disney star has finally released the full version of her new single, “Skyscraper,” her first musical effort since she was released from an in-patient treatment center for bipolar disorder. ...
Dr. Marsha Linehan – a mentor to us all (blog)
Dr. Kay Redfield Jameson, famous for both her pioneering work with bipolar illness and her own personal struggle with the disease. This event was on the level of Dr. Kay Redfield Jameson's epic confession that her years of leadership in promoting ..
Biological vs. Psychological Basis of Bipolar Disorder (blog)
By Bipolar Beat This report provides an overview of the current state of knowledge about why some people tend to experience periods of extreme mood and what can help. Much has been written about the biological aspects of bipolar disorders: this report ...
Bipolar woman, 19, missing from Southeast Side
Jada Jones was last seen in the area of 80th Street and Escanaba Avenue and suffers from bipolar disorder, according to an alert issued by Calumet Area detectives. Jones, 19, has the mental capacity of a 6-year-old and knows her name but not her exact ...

New Wales centre to tackle mental illness from childhood to old age
News Wales
It will include neuro-developmental disorders such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and autism and the major adult psychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder, ...

Penn professor accuses colleagues of research misconduct | Philadelphia ...
Philadelphia Inquirer
The study, funded by what is now GlaxoSmithKline and the National Institutes of Health, looked at the impact of Glaxo's antidepressant drug Paxil on depression in patients with bipolar disorder. The complaint filed Friday by Jay D. Amsterdam, 62, ...

Derbyshire health bosses recruiting for national research project
Ripley Today
Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust is recruiting for a national research study investigating the causes of bipolar disorder as part of our collaboration with the Mental Health Research Network. Anyone who has experienced one or more episodes of ...

Unintended consequences can be drawback of Gold Alerts
The News Journal
If they suffered from depression, bipolar disorder or other mental illnesses, their diagnosis often was included in the alert. Sometimes a notation was made about whether the person had stopped taking medication. The decision to release such ...

Zogenix licenses once-a-month antipsychotic drug
The drug candidate is called Relday, and it is a version of the schizophrenia and bipolar disorder drug Risperdal. Zogenix said it wants to begin clinical trials of Relday in early 2012. Relday is designed to include extended release technology from ...

Deadliest Psychiatric Disorder: Anorexia
The study found anorexia to carry twice the death risk of schizophrenia and three times the death risk of bipolar disorder. Although anorexia is by far the deadliest eating disorder, death rates are also higher than normal in people with bulimia and ...

Antipsychotic Drug Weight Gain Tied to Lower Body Temp
Psych Central
Scientists have found that a widely used antipsychotic drug may influence overeating, weight gain and insulin resistance by lowering body temperature. In the study, Dutch researchers studied olanzapine (brand name Zyprexa), an atypical antipsychotic drug approved by the FDA for the treatment of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Olanzapine has been associated with weight gain and impaired blood ...
Program Helps Financial Pros Advise Families with Disabled Members
Accounting Today
Protected Tomorrows Inc. has introduced a new program to help financial professionals such as CPAs deal with families who have a loved one with special needs such as autism, bipolar disorder or Alzheimer's disease.
Bond out of reach for teen charged in school gun case
The Clarion-Ledger
By the age of 15, her son was exhibiting signs of attention deficit disorder and he was diagnosed as bipolar, Darlene Gardner said.
Payout for gay BBC man who hassled worker
Evening Standard
A BBC picture editor who was sacked for waging a campaign of gay harassment against a colleague has been awarded ÂŁ4,000 compensation - because the corporation failed to take account of his bipolar disorder.
Bipolar Disorder Q&A: How Should Parents Help Child with Serious Problems and ... (blog)
She has been diagnosed, at present, with ADHD, Bipolar, ODD, and PDD. She will not do work at school; instead, she sits and picks at her skin. She has been violent and tried to choke other individuals. Mam says she can't even leave the house with her. ...
Judge who was 'too lenient' puts woman in prison
The Salem News
She's even managed to talk at least two judges into more lenient sentences, blaming crimes like identity fraud, forgery and larceny on untreated bipolar disorder. But yesterday, her tears and promises didn't work, as one of the judges who had given her ...
A bipolar sailor will cross the Irish Sea to Southport to raise money for ...
Southport Visiter
The grandfather-of-one said: “I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder 15 years ago.” “I was keen to raise money for Mind, which has helped me control the condition. “A fellow sailor friend from Dublin has also lost two friends to mental illness, ...
Demi Lovato's "Skyscrapper" Music Video Debuts
Fox News
She spoke about what it meant to her being, how it's inspired by her former eating and bipolar disorder and cutting issues, and finally seeking medical help. “This video was an emotional release for me,” said Lovato in the interview. ...
Spilka and Donato: Change status quo for juvenile offenders
Daily News Transcript
Over the course of four years in state custody, his underlying bipolar disorder was never diagnosed or treated. His mother's serious depression remained unknown, as was the persistent bullying he faced in school - both of which contributed to his ...
Sideshow: Lovato on her 'daily battle'
Philadelphia Inquirer
By Tirdad Derakhshani "It's going to be a daily battle, and I'm not going to be perfect," Demi Lovato tells E! News' Ryan Seacrest about her ongoing struggle with bipolar mood disorder and eating disorder. "But as long as I wake up in the morning and I ...
Childhood Bipolar Disorder: A Convenient Illusion
Huffington Post
Stuart Kaplan: The first articles describing the diagnosis of bipolar disorder in children in the mid-1990s were obviously mistaken. The children described in these articles did not have bipolar disorder, and the criteria used to make the diagnosis ...
Bipolar Disorder: Demi Lovato Plus 5 More Celebs Speak Out
FYI Living
By FYI Staff Writer on Jul 14, 2011 Bipolar disorder sufferers: you're not alone. Bipolar disorders I and II are mood-influencing mental disorders affecting almost 5 million Americans. We commend these brave stars who have publicly shared their ...
Holistic psychology the key to unlocking bipolar disorder
Nursing Careers Allied Health
Harnessing creativity is the key to helping people with bipolar disorder, according to a leading clinical psychologist. Swinburne University of Technology head of psychological sciences and statistics Associate Professor Greg Murray said psychologists ...
Open doors to aid mental health care in Savannah
Savannah Morning News
Not once, but twice with a prior diagnosis of bipolar disorder, manic-depressive type. “Everybody just got jealous of me,” she said. The Savannah Morning News is identifying Toni only by nickname to protect her privacy. In May she found Dana Avey, ...
Wrong kids
After we described them in our June 16 editorial, "Nailing Calvary," as children suffering from "speech and language impairments, certain learning disabilities, bipolar disorder," and so on, one email epistler accused us of sugar-coating without a ...
Board of Trustees meets; President Spanier's remarks
Penn State Live
For example, Stuart Kaplan, a professor of child psychiatry, wrote a provocative article for Newsweek titled “Mommy, Am I Really Bipolar?” The article warns about the dangers of misdiagnosis and treatment of bipolar disorder in children. ...

This Week's Bipolar News

Neuromodulation therapy may improve treatment-resistant depression - Healio
Efficacy of Active vs Sham Intermittent Theta Burst Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation for Patients With Bipolar Depression: A Randomized Clinical ...

Edible Mushrooms may lower depression risks |
The research was published in the Journal of Affected Disorders. ... mental illnesses, such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and depression.”.

Auburn man accused of leaving voicemail threatening Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan
He has been diagnosed with illnesses including schizoaffective disorder and bipolar disorder and has been arrested more than 70 times, resulting in ...

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Bipolar disorder - as the name implies - involves two distinct set of symptoms. One set throws the individual down into the depths of a massive depression. The other places the individual who suffers with bipolar disorder at the top of a peak manic episode.

Most everyone can eventually recognize the warning signs of an impending depressive episode related to bipolar disorder. More likely than not, individuals with bipolar disorder try very hard to avoid it.

However, for many individuals with bipolar disorder, it's more difficult to recognize the signs of an impending manic episode. After all, a manic episode of bipolar disorder can be mistaken in some cases - especially in the very early formation -- for the lifting of the corresponding mood swing of the depression.

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