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Bipolar News

May 27, 2010

Juvenile bipolar disorder Identification helps heal children and families
Wilton Bulletin
Dr. Demitri Papolos, co-author with his wife Janice Papolos, of The Bipolar Child, spoke at the Westport Public Library May 5 to a crowd of 60 health care professionals and concerned parents on the topic on juvenile bipolar disorder. ...

Bipolar mood swings can be predicted
It is possible to predict future mood swings in bipolar people by monitoring their thoughts and behaviour. People with bipolar disorder suffer from extreme mood swings that veer between moments of emotional highs and euphoria to deep depression. ...

Psychiatric Drugs Aren't Always the Fix for Mental Illness
The Lund Report
May 27, 2011 -- Terry Danielson has two daughters who were diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Today, one is finishing her BA, and another is doing advocacy work for a mental health organization. Both spent many years on psychiatric medications, ...

Fish Oil Aids Bi-Polar Behavior In Mice, Hinders Alcohol Cravings
Medical News Today
However, this week research has shown that on a molecular level, these natural acids can help mental imbalances as well such as bi-polar disorder. Omega-3 fatty acids are considered essential fatty acids: They are necessary for human health but the ...

Woman claims her firing violates disabilities act
Kansas City Star
By JOE LAMBE A Eudora woman is suing the city of Overland Park, contending the Police Department improperly fired her because of bipolar disorder. Kimberly Ashley's lawsuit, filed this month in federal court, alleges the city violated the Americans ...

Rapper DMX on Good Behavior — May Get Out of Jail Early
Gather Celebs News Channel
The judge determined that he possibly has bipolar disorder, so he went to the mental health unit at the prison. This is his 13th prison term, so hopefully, he will stay on good behavior after his release. DMX pleaded guilty after his arrest for ...

How to Diagnose Schizophrenia
Diagnosing schizophrenia is quite difficult as its symptoms may resemble those of other mental disorders, eg, bipolar disorder or severe depression. Schizophrenia diagnosis is especially difficult in the case of people who feel they are perfectly ...

Parents of disabled children giving up on Illinois
Chicago Tribune
Jennifer Humbert of Crete is exploring job prospects in a handful of states, including Minnesota, to secure more help for her 8-year-old daughter with bipolar disorder. Vicky Rowe has already uprooted her family, moving from Broadview to Niles, Mich., ...

Carrie Fisher opens up about 30-pound weight loss, electric shock therapy
Actress Carrie Fisher, who recently lost 30 pounds on the Jenny Craig diet plan, is happy with her slimmer physique and reveals she continues to get electric shock therapy to treat her bipolar disorder. The 5'1" Carrie, who once topped the scales at ...

CIT program graduates second class
Scranton Times-Tribune
"We were able to ask somebody who is living with schizophrenia, somebody who is living with bipolar (disorder), what we as police officers can say, what can we do, what can we not do, to make the problem worse or better," Detective DeSando said. ...
The bipolar express
Malaysia Star
The only reminder of his 10-year struggle with bipolar disorder is the occasional trembling of his hand, one that is not obvious to people who do not know about his condition. “It's due to the medication, but the doc is going to change it soon,” he ...
Reverse Sad: Why springtime can be bad for depression sufferers
BBC News
He was diagnosed with depression in 2001 and subsequently with bipolar disorder towards the end of last year. "Many people look at spring as new beginnings, something positive. This is a sharp contrast with how people with depression feel and ...

Stigmas of mental illness are going away
Compared to that, an article in USA Today, on Friday April 15, 2011, described the actress Zeta-Jones as having Bipolar Disorder. She announced this publicly and is seeing a clinical psychiatrist in New York. The author stated that when celebrities ...

Matthew Good back from the brink
Toronto Sun
(Alex Urosevic/QMI Agency) The 39-year-old Vancouver alt-rocker has emerged from his 2007 psychiatric hospital stay and bipolar disorder diagnosis seemingly better than ever. Consider: Good, whose divorce triggered his mental health crisis, ...

Underdiagnosed and untreated
Jamaica Gleaner
Some of the mental problems affecting them are bipolar disorder, phobic disorder, suicidal tendencies, mental retardation, impaired social interaction and anxiety disorder. "Mental health in children is a very serious issue that is not taken seriously. ...
Humboldt County parents turn son's death into literary mental health awareness ...
He was 30 years old. His family believes his bipolar disorder -- a form of depression that involves elevated mood swings -- contributed to his death. Molly Sinoway said he had bipolar disorder medication as well as a strong opiate in his system. ...
Justice and mental illness
Sydney Morning Herald
Early last year, he was diagnosed with bipolar 2 disorder, and undertook treatment and medication. Since then, there have been no known complaints about his conduct. Even so, the Judicial Commission found he had a "permanent condition with episodic but ...
People Who Cut Themselves and Why
Peace FM Online
There are certainly adolescent people who have bipolar disorder and manifest it by a variety of different behaviors, but cutting doesn't mean somebody has bipolar disorder. It can be a sign of a variety of different dysfunctions. ...
Mental Health Month: Lessons From Carrie Fisher (blog)
... and the newest celebrity spokeswoman for Jenny Craig, recently sat down with Entertainment Tonight to talk about why she decided to lose weight with Jenny Craig, mental illness (and in particular, Bipolar Disorder), and her new book Shockaholic. ...

PBI/Gordon director of marketing retires
Lawn & Landscape
VanBibber's early retirement will allow her to be more involved in her granddaughter's care and treatment for bipolar disorder and Asperger's syndrome. Currently, an average of one in 110 children in the United States suffer from autism spectrum ...

How to Diagnose Bipolar Disorder
Bipolar disorder is a mental disorder characterized by unusual changes in mood and energy levels. For a proper diagnosis, the sufferer should consult a physician. The physician may conduct a physical examination along with certain blood tests, EEG, ...

Posture Control in Bipolar Disorder (blog)
By Candida Fink, MD In a recent study entitled “Postural Control in Bipolar Disorder: Increased Sway Area and Decreased Dynamical Complexity,” Indiana University researchers measured and compared the magnitude of postural sway between study ...

Omega-3 combats bipolar disorder, alcoholism: study
A new study from the Indiana University School of Medicine has shown that omega-3 fatty acids can help people suffering from mental imbalances such as bipolar disorder as well as alcoholism. Researchers found that the consumption of the fatty acid DHA ...
Some Symptoms Of Bipolar Disorder
... and laughing a lot the other 50% of the time? Is she banging everyone? Does she talk about being "chosen" or what "the special mission" is for her life? If you have cause for concern, you can find more info on bipolar disorder if you check out WebMD.
8 Signs Someone Is at Risk of Suicide
MSN Health & Fitness
The painful symptoms of conditions such as depression and bipolar disorder can drive people to consider suicide. "Depression is the leading illness for suicide, so the deeper the depression gets or the longer it goes on, the more discouraged the person ...

Anxiety disorders and their symptoms
The 53-year-old from Ystrad Mynach developed the condition as he was recovering from bipolar disorder in 2002, but only recently received treatment and says every day is still a fight against the effect his anxiety has on his life. ...

Michael Douglas: I need time alone
His actress wife Catherine, 41, is also doing well, after she was treated for bipolar II disorder at a psychiatric hospital earlier this year. Michael has praised Catherine for all her strength and support during the illness, explaining that she ...

Smiling Catherine Zeta-Jones has got the summer spring back in her step
Daily Mail
Zeta-Jones is preparing to make her return to the spotlight since she revealed she had been diagnosed with bipolar II disorder. Off to work? Zeta-Jones left her home with luggage - suggesting she may be flying down south to film her new movies On June ...
Stephen Fry 'may well' kill himself due to bipolar disorder
Stephen Fry says he 'may well' kill himself one day because of his ongoing battle with 'morbid' bipolar disorder. The QI presenter said people do not realise just how bad the condition is, although he admitted it could be worse. ...
How Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Can Treat Bipolar Disorder
Opposing Views
There are a number of treatment options for bipolar disorder. But cognitive behavioral therapy treatment seems to be the most effective therapy in helping manage bipolar disorder. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is talk therapy that examines the client's ...

Mental health group offers classes for families
The Daily News Online
BATAVIA — The National Alliance on Mental Illness will be presenting free weekly classes for 12 weeks for family members (parents, spouses, siblings, etc) of adults (over age 18) with serious mental illness such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and ...

McKinley grad beats the odds
Herald Times Reporter
Clark has overcome huge obstacles of bipolar disorder, drugs and al cohol, suicide attempts and getting pregnant shortly before she was 17. She will graduate Thursday evening from McKinley Academy, which is a charter school under the umbrella of the ...

Iris Chang committed suicide. Now her mother aims to resurrect her reputation
Globe and Mail
Doctors had diagnosed bipolar disorder. Then, in 2007, their daughter's friend and fellow journalist, Paula Kamen, wrote a book called Finding Iris Chang: Friendship, Ambition and the Loss of an Extraordinary Mind, in which she described mental ...
Salt Lake County jail inmate died of starvation, dehydration
Martinez said Umana, who was diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder as a teenager, stopped taking his medication in the fall. "Then he started hearing voices and thinking people was poisoning him," Martinez said. Umana was so concerned about ...
Why are some mentally ill patients treated like criminals?
The Guardian
Medical staff have also questioned the original diagnosis of bipolar disorder, according to Paraskeva's lawyer, Graeme Hydari. He is in the process of lodging an appeal. Morgan is not clear why the diagnosis was under question, nor does she understand ...

NSW MPs to decide fate of two magistrates
Sydney Morning Herald
The commission accepted Mr Maloney's inappropriate behaviour had been substantially caused by a bipolar 2 disorder, with which he was diagnosed in 2010. Since then he has been taking medication and regularly seeing a psychiatrist, ...

Jurors watch video of machete suspect
Hutchinson News
... testified he conducted an extensive examination of Verstraete in the Reno County jail in October 2009 and found he suffered from schizoaffective disorder, a combination of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder or manic depression. ...

Sheriff's Department Seeks Public Help In Finding Missing Schizophrenic Man
Dwayne Drake, 47, is a diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic, who also suffers from bipolar disorder. He was last seen at Volunteers of America, at 8627 Troy St. Sheriff's Department officials said Drake had been at that facility for two years and has never ...

This Week's Bipolar News

Lithium Carbonate May Decrease Suicidal or Aggressive Behaviors in Bipolar Disorders
Reports of drug-related adverse suicidal and behavioral events among patients with bipolar disorders (N=3521) were evaluated for potential risk ...

Kidney function in patients with bipolar disorder with and without lithium treatment - MDLinx
MDLinx original journal summary on Bipolar Disorder, Psychiatry. ... with bipolar and schizoaffective disorders is accelerated by lithium.

Auburn man accused of leaving voicemail threatening Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan
He has been diagnosed with illnesses including schizoaffective disorder and bipolar disorder and has been arrested more than 70 times, resulting in ...

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The Warning Signs Of An Impending Bipolar Disorder Manic Episode

Bipolar disorder - as the name implies - involves two distinct set of symptoms. One set throws the individual down into the depths of a massive depression. The other places the individual who suffers with bipolar disorder at the top of a peak manic episode.

Most everyone can eventually recognize the warning signs of an impending depressive episode related to bipolar disorder. More likely than not, individuals with bipolar disorder try very hard to avoid it.

However, for many individuals with bipolar disorder, it's more difficult to recognize the signs of an impending manic episode. After all, a manic episode of bipolar disorder can be mistaken in some cases - especially in the very early formation -- for the lifting of the corresponding mood swing of the depression.

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