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Bipolar News

April 29, 2010

Demi Lovato, like Catherine Zeta-Jones, has bipolar disorder
By Kate Stanhope, Months after leaving a treatment center for "physical and emotional issues," Demi Lovato reveals that she learned she suffers from bipolar disorder. "I never found out until I went into treatment that I was bipolar," the 18-year-old ...

Psychologist: Mendota child's accused killer mentally ill
Fresno Bee
By Heather Somerville / The Fresno Bee Raul Castro, the teenager accused of raping and murdering a 4-year-old Mendota boy, suffers from severe mood and social illnesses, including bipolar disorder, a defense psychiatrist testified Wednesday. ...

Weight Loss Surgery and Bipolar Disorder (blog)
Children and adolescents with major depressive disorder may be at increased risk for developing obesity. Patients with bipolar disorder may have elevated rates of overweight, obesity, and abdominal obesity. (Abdominal obesity is specifically related to ...


Bipolar Disorder Needs Immediate Psychiatrist Consultation
French Tribune
The symptoms for manic depression range from major depressive episodes to manic episodes or milder hypomanic episodes thus it is important to test every patient for bipolar disorder who reports the symptoms of the depression. ...


Swim For Richard Raises Funds and Awareness of Bipolar Disorder
On April 23rd, 2011, for the second consecutive year, the Three Y's Guys of the Somerset Hills YMCA will embark on a challenging 24 mile marathon swim in the waters of Tampa Bay, FL to raise funds and awareness about bipolar disorder. ...

'Beauty Shop': Soap Operas, Idols and Mental Illness
Actress Catherine Zeta-Jones announced she's been treated entering treatment for bipolar disorder, and five women were voted off of American Idol in five weeks. Host Michel Martin turns to the ladies of the 'Beauty Shop' for stories that need a woman's ...

Blame it on Bipolar
Hindustan Times
Recently when Hollywood actor Catherine Zeta-Jones, 41, revealed that she suffers from lifestyle disease -bipolar disorder, every one began talking about the malady, which is primarily linked to stress and the urban lifestyle. ...

Using Genetic Profiles to Predict Medication Response in Bipolar Disorder (blog)
By Candida Fink, MD This month's edition of Discovery's Edge, Mayo Clinic's Online Research Magazine, features an article entitled “The Genomics of Bipolar Disorder.” The article looks at biobanking – a practice in which research centers store a lot of ...

Is it ADHD or bipolar disorder?
Wilton Bulletin
Why are so many children being diagnosed with bipolar disorder and what can be done about it? Demitri Papolos MD, researcher and author, will consider these questions during a talk on juvenile bipolar disorder, Thursday, May 5, 7 pm, in the McManus ...

Murderer, Lords of Chaos ringleader Foster bipolar, doctor says
Lehigh Acres News Star
Kevin Foster suffers from bipolar disorder and frontal brain damage — conditions that could have been used to argue in favor of a life sentence after he was convicted in 1998 — according to a doctor. Dr. Faye Sultan testified at a hearing Wednesday ...

Silver Alert Issued For Missing Man
Johnson, 71, has been missing since early Monday morning. Johnson has several medical issues including bipolar disorder, dementia and diabetes. He was last seen wearing a red jacket, driving a white Ford truck with an Arkansas license plate.

Expressions of Recovery art show featured at mall
Expressions of Recovery, a showcase of work created by area artists who have schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression or other serious brain disorders, will be on display throughout the month of May at the Great Lakes Mall in Mentor. ...

Daily list: Biggest NFL draft busts
Detroit Free Press
5 bust would be diagnosed with bipolar disorder and play only 19 games. The No. 6 bust played in 22 games and caught just 37 passes for the Lions while allowing his conditioning to worsen. Tied for No. 21 with David Carr and Tim Couch. ...

Bristol-Myers posts 33 percent profit jump in 1Q
The Associated Press
Bristol-Myers, which sells blockbuster blood thinner Plavix and bipolar disorder treatment Abilify, said its net income was $986 million, or 57 cents per share. That's up from $743 million, or 43 cents per share, in 2010's first quarter. ...

Scripting mental illness into everyday life
The Age
Mr Dolman's childhood best friend Andy was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at age 20 and committed suicide a year later, in 2000. ''He felt his diagnosis was a life sentence, and he would always be medicated,'' Mr Dolman said. ...


California Bipolar Research Studies Looking for Participants
About - News & Issues
The Bipolar Depression Study is investigating the effects of an experimental medication on bipolar disorder in adults who are currently feeling depressed. It's an 8-week study followed by an optional 6-month extension study. People who are currently ...

Helping the Mentally Ill to Quit Smoking
Wall Street Journal (blog)
People with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and other mental illnesses are twice as likely to smoke as the general population, and they tend to smoke about 50% more cigarettes per day. New York City's anti-smoking campaigns have pulled few punches. ...

Madoff madness is our own
Reuters (blog)
As far as we know, he wasn't incapacitated from bipolar disorder, substance abuse, schizophrenia or some gargantuan chip on his shoulder to prey upon the wealthy. He stole and lied consistently to all and told Henriques he was fully aware of his ...


Today: Special Election, City Council Committee Meeting and Graceland for Teens
By Patricia Resende | Email the author | 6:00am There is a support group being held tonight at the Hillside Day Adult Health Center beginning at 7 pm for people with depression or bipolar disorder. Attleboro Public Library is hosting songs, ...

Western Pa. man charged with sending threat letters to judge who sentenced him ...
The Republic
Dina Sandor says her 19-year-old son, Anthony Sandor, of Jeannette, has the mental capacity of an adolescent and problems including bipolar disorder for which he's supposed to take medication. She believes her son means no harm to Westmoreland County ...

Zeta-Jones back after mental-health break
Montreal Gazette
All reports says she appeared to be in good shape mentally - and physically, of course - after her little mental health break and her revelation that she suffers from the condition called bipolar disorder II. She has also signed for a subsequent ...

Mental health advocates decry state plan to save $8.5 million by switching ...
Detroit Free Press
But the coalition said such changes can cause relapses for people diagnosed with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and other mental illnesses. That could incite disturbances with other inmates or corrections officers, they said. ...

Adults With Bipolar Disorder Needed for Study Comparing Two Treatments
“We hope to determine the better foundational treatment for the contemporary management of bipolar disorder,” said Terence Ketter, MD, principal investigator of the Stanford arm of the study and director of Stanford's Bipolar Disorders Clinic. ...

Mental Disorders Linked to Drug, Alcohol Abuse in U.S. Vets
U.S. News & World Report
The highest rates of substance abuse occurred among those with bipolar disorder or schizophrenia, according to the report published in the May-June issue of the American Journal of Addictions. "Our findings may be useful in program planning and for ...

Bipolar Bandwagon: Catherine Zeta-Jones, Charlie Sheen Go Public With Disorder
ABC News
The truly trendy are bipolar. That's meant to be facetious, of course. Bipolar disorder is a serious mental illness that approximately 5.7 million Americans live with, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. But one could be forgiven for ...

Charlie Sheen donates money to bipolar disorder organization
Blast (blog)
By Eiko Watanabe According to NY Daily News, Charlie Sheen donated $5880 to the Organization for Bipolar Affective Disorders, which is based in Calgary. It is reported that a check the actor sent to the nonprofit group will arrive Friday via FedEx. ...

Toddler's mom: 'I don't want her'
A probate court record from May 2009 shows that the woman was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder , bipolar disorder and that she was suffering from depression. The record also shows that upon finding out she was pregant with her first child in ...

Jeannette man charged for threatening judge
Westmoreland County Times
According to authorities, Sandor threatened to cook the judge's body and “give him to pigs.” Sandor's mother, Dina, also of Jeannette, said her son has a history of mental issues including bipolar disorder.

How Birmingham woman battled bipolar disorder that Catherine Zeta Jones has ...
Sunday Mercury
She put her arm around me and asked: “Do you fancy doing a crossword tonight, love?” “Why not,” I replied. I was 12 years old and life was perfect for me at my home in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham. I had a great relationship with my mum Margaret. ...

Investigation Discovery show to highlight story of missing UMass Dartmouth student
South Coast Today
Allen — who suffered from a bipolar disorder and had legally changed his name to Neo Babson Maximus — was 22 when he ran barefoot and shirtless into the Dartmouth woods on Oct. 13, 2007, never to be seen again. Allen's relatives, friends and ...

5 top troubles teen stars face
Should it be any surprise when the likes of Lovato, who belatedly learned she was also up against bipolar disorder, need a timeout ? salutes the small screen's most fashionable female homemakers, including "Modern Family's" Gloria ...


Texas jails fear influx of mentally ill after budget cuts
Houston Chronicle
Officers learn about schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and other major mental illnesses from professionals in the field, as well as from people who suffer from the illnesses. "State government has done a terrible job in giving the responsibility over to ...


Health: lifestyle changes, medication and psychotherapy can help you overcome ...
Press of Atlantic City
Sleep problems are particularly common in patients with anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). One of the most common ways to classify insomnia is in terms of duration of symptoms. ...

Oprah Winfrey offers Michael Douglas interview on Tuesday
Orlando Sentinel (blog)
The Winfrey PR machine calls it “a no-holds-barred interview,” and he talks about his wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and her revelation that she is suffering bipolar disorder. Douglas tells Winfrey, “It takes a lot of courage to seek help and I am proud ...


Author will speak about bipolar disorder
Rochester Democrat and Chronicle
A Family's Journey Through Bipolar Disorder (Goodman Beck Publishing, $15.95) and about the importance of empathy. She is a board member of the Syracuse chapter of National Alliance on Mental Illness. The free talk starts at 7 pm at Barnes & Noble, ...

Stigma and challenges continue for mental health care
He's been hospitalized four times in his battle with bipolar disorder. He says people "sometimes say 'Well it's funny, you don't look like someone with bipolar disorder.' And I'm going, really?" That's because one in five Canadians will experience a ...


Demi Lovato posts childhood pic on Twitter
Monsters and
Lovato, 18, also spoke out about her struggles with bulimia and bipolar disorder during her interview on US television show 20/ - Twitter/ Yfrog/ Splash News The Camp Rock star, who has previously opened up about being bullied about her weight at ...


Man cops 7 years for rape
Fiji Broadcasting Corporation Ltd
... that on 30th October last year – the man pulled the victim inside a house and into the bathroom where he performed sexual acts on her and raped her. The court noted that the victim is a patient of St Giles Hospital and suffers from Bipolar Disorder.

Guantanamo Bay doctors 'complicit' in torture
The US army classified almost 100 Guantánamo prisoners as having psychiatric illnesses, including severe depression, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Several inmates attempted suicide, including one Saudi Arabian detainee called Mash Alawad Alhabiri ...


Jane Pauley
TV Guide
by Kate Stanhope Catherine Zeta-Jones has been publicly commended for coming out with her bipolar disorder by the likes of Demi Lovato and Jane Pauley, but according to husband Michael Douglas, it wasn't her choice to discuss her diagnosis publicly. ...


Mental Health Awareness 2011 Cartoon-A-Thon, Are you a Hero? (blog)
Your recovery story can be about Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, Depression, Anxiety Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, Attention Deficit Disorder or any type of mental illness recovery story. You can submit it as an audio file, video or text ...

Marathon swim to benefit Somerset Hills YMCA program
Two of the Three Y's Guys from the Somerset Hills YMCA will swim a 24-mile marathon Saturday in Tampa Bay, Florida, to raise awareness about bipolar disorder and raise funds for Saturdays in Motion, benefiting children with autism and their families. ...

Pins on parade! T4 presenter Jameela Jamil keeps cool in a very mini dress
Daily Mail
The TV host wrote on her Twitter page: 'Catherine Zeta-Jones has just been admitted to rehab for bipolar disorder. I GUARANTEE it's just the menopause! Makes 40+ crazy. Jameela received a backlash from followers and later deleted the tweets. ...

Appeal to find missing woman after meal at pub
Stoke & Staffordshire
Officers are concerned as the 49-year-old suffers from Multiple Sclerosis and Bipolar Disorder. Mrs Moss is described as white, 5ft 9ins tall, of medium build with shoulder-length curly blonde hair and a tatoo of a cartoon dog on her left arm/wrist. ...

This Week's Bipolar News

Lithium Carbonate May Decrease Suicidal or Aggressive Behaviors in Bipolar Disorders
Reports of drug-related adverse suicidal and behavioral events among patients with bipolar disorders (N=3521) were evaluated for potential risk ...

Kidney function in patients with bipolar disorder with and without lithium treatment - MDLinx
MDLinx original journal summary on Bipolar Disorder, Psychiatry. ... with bipolar and schizoaffective disorders is accelerated by lithium.

Auburn man accused of leaving voicemail threatening Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan
He has been diagnosed with illnesses including schizoaffective disorder and bipolar disorder and has been arrested more than 70 times, resulting in ...

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However, for many individuals with bipolar disorder, it's more difficult to recognize the signs of an impending manic episode. After all, a manic episode of bipolar disorder can be mistaken in some cases - especially in the very early formation -- for the lifting of the corresponding mood swing of the depression.

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