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Bipolar News

April 16, 2010


"Polar Bears" a grim look at bipolar disorder
... told of a boy with Asperger syndrome, turns his attention to a young woman with bipolar disorder for his first play, "Polar Bears," with mixed success. ...

Magistrate: Man in Pelosi case may be bipolar

The Associated Press
... he appeared for the first time before Magistrate Judge Bernard Zimmerman, who said Giusti may have bipolar disorder and should be receiving treatment. ...

69 Wisconsin doctors show up on Pfizer payroll
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
The Pfizer drugs included Geodon, a medication approved to treat bipolar disorder that allegedly was illegally promoted for other conditions such as ...

Mom advocates for bipolar son
News Sentinel
The court's pre-sentencing report clearly states he had been diagnosed as bipolar at a young age and was being treated with the drug Abilify. ...

Indian-origin male nurse jailed in Australia for sex with patient
Melbourne, Apr 8(ANI): An Indian-origin nurse, Kennedy Swamy, has been jailed for a maximum of three years for having sex with a patient with bipolar ...

Cardall family files lawsuit against Hurricane Police
Fox 13 Now - Salt Lake City
Last June, Brian Cardall, 32, suffered a bipolar episode while driving through Southern Utah. Cardall took off his clothes and started running through ...

DSM5 Temper Dysregulation--Good intentions, Bad solution

Psychology Today (blog)
The workers on DSM5 have spotted an enormously worrying problem- the wild over diagnosis of childhood Bipolar Disorder which has led to a massive increase ...

Local scientists identify keys to bipolar disorder
TAIPEI, Taiwan --A group of Taiwan scientists have successfully identified four genes that are associated with bipolar I disorder in people who are ethnically Chinese.

Pulitzer Prize Winners in Drama, Tom Kitt and Brian Yorkey of 'Next to Normal'
The Online NewsHour
Bipolar disorder and the emotional toll mental illness takes on a family are not standard fare for Broadway musicals, let alone Broadway hits. But that is the subject of "Next to Normal" which was named winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Drama, making it just the eighth musical in history to receive that award.

Common Migraine, Epilepsy Drugs Linked to Suicide Risk
ABC News
A class of drugs used to treat a variety of conditions from migraine to bipolar disorder may increase suicidal tendencies, a large study found. Doctors say the study raises red flags, but with such a range of conditions the research may generate more questions than it answers.

Test for Genetic Risk of Bipolar
By Rick Nauert PhD Senior News Editor A genetic test for bipolar disorder is on the horizon say researchers from Indiana University School of Medicine. ...

Finding love online, despite health problems
Even though most mental illnesses can be controlled with medication, therapy, or a combination of the two, some people still view conditions such as bipolar ...

Stephanie Ragusa and Debra Lafave: What's wrong with Tampa teachers? (videos)
Dr. Alan Lipman brought the conversation back to bipolar disorder. He spoke of how bipolar disorder is linked to hyersexuality and impulsive behavior. ...

Abbott ordered to turn over e-mails for govt probe
The Associated Press
The drug, which is also approved for migraines and bipolar disorder, had sales $102 million for the last quarter of 2009. ...

Woman with bipolar disorder joins step-by-step plan for National Alliance on ...
New York Daily News
Magnotti, from Castle Hill, has suffered from bipolar disorder for years, although she was not diagnosed until 2007. "I was suicidal, I made several ...

Court acquits man with bipolar disorder of murder charge
New Straits Times
He was certified to be suffering from multiple personality and bipolar disorder. When he was acquitted, the accused did not want to come out from the dock ...

Jim Carrey & Jenny McCarthy Split Because He Stopped Taking Meds
Cleveland Leader
Jim Carrey has admitted his mental instability in the past, revealing his struggles with manic depression, or bipolar disorder. ...

Former inmate says in lawsuit that Ottawa County violated his civil rights
Grand Haven Tribune
According to the lawsuit filed in US District Court in Grand Rapids on April 8, 54-year-old Randall Modd — who said he has type II diabetes and bipolar ...

Teen in school stabbing described as insane
Worcester Telegram
His mother, Dorothy Odgren, has bipolar illness and four of her relatives have committed suicide, the lawyer said. Asperger's syndrome makes it difficult or ...

The Pen Is Mighter Than the MRI
The PHQ-9 screens only for depression; it does not discriminate between that illness and others that may share symptoms, such as bipolar disorder. ...

Decrease in manic symptoms severity influences prescribing decisions for bipolar mania
Decision Resources, one of the world's leading research and advisory firms for pharmaceutical and healthcare issues, finds that surveyed psychiatrists say that the decrease in severity of manic symptoms is the attribute that most influences their prescribing decisions in bipolar mania. Clinical data and the opinions of interviewed thought leaders indicate that Eli Lilly's Zyprexa (olanzapine ...

Is Jim Carrey On The Verge Of A Breakdown? An Expert Weighs In!
Hollywood Life (blog)
“[Jim] has lost touch with reality and his reference to not sleeping is a huge indicator of bipolar disorder,” she says. “At its worst, bipolar disorder can ...

How Many Psychiatric Medications Did You Say You Take?
Psychology Today (blog)
Incorrect diagnosis - Patients frequently report that they have a certain diagnosis - let's say bipolar disorder, for example. ...

How Long is a Typical Bipolar Episode? (blog)
By John M Grohol PsyD Bipolar disorder is characterized by a cycling from depression to mania, and back again over time (hence the reason it used to be ...

Brian Bonsall from Family Ties Pled Guilty to Assault
During the arrest, Bonsall said in his defense that he and Trujillo both are bipolar and like drugs, which makes him forget things. ...

When Six Year Olds Attempt Suicide
The Takeaway
As a young child, he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. After a decade of threatening and attempting suicide, he took his own life at age fifteen. ...

Book review: Never too old for adventure
She and Eli, her bipolar mate of 18 years, are headed to New York to visit his dysfunctional family. Francoeur has started to board the plane when she hears ...

How Do You Find Credible Health Information Online? Health
... That person you think is a doctor could be Joe Schmo from down the street who thinks he's an expert about bipolar disorder because Grandma had it. ...

New Castle man gets 151 months for bank robbery -
Roanoke Times
Richard Hawes, who blames his actions on bipolar disorder, has five other heist convictions. A career bank robber was sentenced to more than 12 1 2 years in prison Thursday by a federal judge who said, "He just keeps doing it."

QC Student Deals With Bullying
"He has ADHD, he's bipolar and he shouldn't have to go through this," says his grandma Debra, "Just because he's different, it's not fair to him. ...

'Framing the Mind' fund-raiser set
Coon Rapids Herald
“It's a chance to learn more about mental illness – anything from bipolar, schizophrenia, depression, anxiety and serious and persistent mental illness,” ...

Toledo teen charged as adult for roadside rape
Toledo On The Move
Police say the victim, a 26-year-old woman who suffers from bipolar disorder and Asperger's syndrome, was walking to the West Toledo library on Sylvania ...





This Week's Bipolar News

Short Term Psychodynamic Therapy Effective for Bipolar and Depression
Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP) was found to be effective for treating major depression, bipolar disorder, and so-called treatment- ...

Charting Sea Changes in Outpatient Pharmacotherapy of Bipolar Disorder
As the 100th anniversary of publication of the final edition of Kraepelin's text nears, the conditions now grouped together as bipolar disorders remain ...

Understanding bipolar
ORBIT compares two, five-week, online interventions designed to improve quality of life for people who experience bipolar disorder. The interventions ...

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The Warning Signs Of An Impending Bipolar Disorder Manic Episode

Bipolar disorder - as the name implies - involves two distinct set of symptoms. One set throws the individual down into the depths of a massive depression. The other places the individual who suffers with bipolar disorder at the top of a peak manic episode.

Most everyone can eventually recognize the warning signs of an impending depressive episode related to bipolar disorder. More likely than not, individuals with bipolar disorder try very hard to avoid it.

However, for many individuals with bipolar disorder, it's more difficult to recognize the signs of an impending manic episode. After all, a manic episode of bipolar disorder can be mistaken in some cases - especially in the very early formation -- for the lifting of the corresponding mood swing of the depression.

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