"How To Cope Or Deal With Drug Or Alcohol Addiction And Bipolar Disorder"

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Dear Friend,

If you're trying to support someone who has bipolar disorder AND has a problem with drug or alcohol addiction, then I know you're going to be thankful that you read this page.

The sad truth is that bipolar disorder and drug/alcohol addiction often go hand in hand. For some, substance abuse starts off as a substitute for legitimate treatment. For others, drugs and alcohol temporarily erase feelings of guilt, alienation, regret, sadness, etc. which can result from bipolar disorder and its impact on their lives.

Many people have written emails to me asking for help dealing with their loved ones who are having problems with drugs and alcohol. Even though my mom fortunately didn't have this problem, I found out a great deal of information about successfully conquering drug and/or alcohol addiction while battling bipolar disorder during my research.

After I found some preliminary information, I started tracking down experts on this subject and asking them to put into words exactly what supporters, like you, need to know to help their loved ones get back on track. Then, I started interviewing people - doctors, therapists, survivors, supporters, anyone who I thought could contribute something meaningful to my and your knowledge of how to help people facing these problems.

The rest is a package of information called "How to Beat Drug or Alcohol Addiction While Dealing With Bipolar Disorder." One of the main components of this package is the comprehensive report that includes valuable information you won't learn anywhere else.

Here is some of what you'll learn in this report:

  • What addiction is and isn't. Most people don't understand these simple points and that's why they have so many problems.
  • How to know if you or a loved one has an addiction
  • 21 signs to look for with addiction. Many of these signs are overlooked by doctors and therapists which makes treatment almost impossible
  • The shocking truth about bipolar disorder and drug/alcohol use. You're going to be amazed with this part
  • How rehabs can help a person who has an addiction
  • What rehabs really do with addicted individuals
  • How to handle the costs of rehab treatment even if you are flat broke and/or do NOT have insurance
  • How to find good rehab centers that are about helping someone with an addiction not just making a ton of money (some of them only care about the money, unfortunately)
  • A can't-miss system for finding high quality rehab centers
  • The truth about NA (Narcotics Anonymous) and AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) that nobody likes to talk about
  • The amazingly simple thing that you should do BEFORE you go to a rehab center, but that 99% of people don't do
  • 18 critical points you must consider before going to any rehab facility
  • The keys to successful recovery with treatment centers
  • A 9 letter word that you must understand that spells long term, permanent success
  • How family members can get help and support locally
  • What to do if a loved one has bipolar disorder and is addicted but denies it
  • How to help a loved one with bipolar disorder and an addiction get help even if he/she doesn't want help
  • What family members absolutely positively should NOT do after a person gets out of rehab. Do this and you might ruin everything that was done during rehab.
  • The #1 deadly mistake that occurs during and after rehab treatment that sends most people right back to the same facility in a short period of time
  • A 4 letter word that you should memorize that will help you get through even the most difficult times of dealing with bipolar disorder and drug and/or alcohol addiction
  • The true story of a woman who overcame addiction through an inexpensive drug rehab program. An amazing part of her story is that she was totally against these types of programs before. Now, she's a huge believer in their success.

Plus, much more!

Addiction Success Story

In addition to all of the information listed above, this package also includes an incredible success story that will give you hope for your loved one's future and that will provide you and your loved one with a proven effective process for beating drug and/or alcohol addiction once and for all.

The woman I interviewed had a HUGE addiction problem in the past:

  • She lost her career
  • She lost two marriages
  • She became financially bankrupt
  • She lost her home and ended up homeless

Her case was EXTREME! Thankfully, she was able to successfully beat her addiction using a process that anyone can follow. Now she's been addiction-free for many, many years. If someone can go from the very bottom - which is where she was - to where she is now, then anyone can beat their addiction and go on to have a productive, happy life.

Besides learning about her story, you'll also discover even more useful information, including:

  • Should you go to AA and NA? Discover this woman's highly insightful answer.
  • The secret of getting a reduced rate on high quality drug rehab program
  • The truth about 12 step programs and addiction
  • How to find money for a drug rehab program - most people never think to try these amazing sources
  • Where you should never go if you have an addiction
  • Why you couldn't go to AA or NA and be successful
  • How to get into a drug rehab if they are all booked and no spots are available. This is an amazing technique
  • How to get drugs out of one's body
  • Why certain people have 3, 4, 6 or even 10 relapses in a life time
  • The problem with AA and NA that almost nobody ever talks about
  • Why rehab works so well
  • What is rehab really like
  • Are you married and you have an addiction? Discover what you need to know to make sure you don't lose your marriage. And I am not talking about losing your marriage because of your drinking; I'm talking about a surprisingly simple mistake that many people with addictions make.
  • The real reason a person who has an addiction can NOT even take a sip of alcohol. You're going to be amazed with this
  • What to do if you have a family member who is addicted and is in denial and doesn't want any help.
  • What an alcoholic really is. Knowing this is the key to successful treatment
  • How to find a great drug rehab program
  • What 12 step programs really are
  • What you should NEVER EVER do after getting free of your addiction problem
  • How to not become a enabler of someone with an addiction and bipolar disorder
  • Two words that are the key to really supporting someone who has an addiction
  • The key secret to beating a drug addiction
  • What you need to know about money and addiction. This part of the interview is fascinating
  • What family members should never ever do to a person AFTER he/she is doing well
  • The secrets of getting the most out of rehab
  • You're going to be shocked as to what really goes on with rehab. I was amazed myself. There are so many good things that nobody ever talks about

and much, MUCH more!

FREE Gift Worth at Least $100.00 For the First 28 People To Take Action

This information is so important for your loved one's health and well-being that I can't imagine you'd want to wait, so I wanted to give an extra incentive to prompt you to take this problem seriously and to act now. That's why the first 28 people who order this package will also receive an incredible FREE gift.

This gift is an interview I conducted with a certified addictions specialist and highly acclaimed therapist who has helped many people overcome their addictions. This is information you simply won't find anywhere else.

Here's some of what you'll learn from this interview:

  • How a therapist can really help someone with an addiction problem
  • What happens during the first meeting and why this is so important
  • Why so many people with bipolar disorder and addiction get worse. And no, it's not that the medication conflicts with the illegal drugs and alcohol
  • Which people can't be helped by therapists
  • What this therapist does with people who will not stop drinking or taking drugs
  • The one thing family members have to realize to really help their loved one
  • How many family members get in the way of their loved one's ability to beat their addiction
  • 5 things that family members can do to help a loved one who has bipolar disorder and addiction

And much, MUCH more.

So How Much Does Your 'Package Cost'?

The entire "How to Beat Drug or Alcohol Addiction While Dealing With Bipolar Disorder" package, including the report and the addiction success story, is only $97 $77, plus shipping and handling. That's a $20 or 21% savings and a small price to pay in order to help your loved one reclaim their life, their health, and their future.

100% NO Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

Of course with all my material, I offer a 100% no questions asked, money back guarantee (less shipping and handling). If for any reason whatsoever you are unhappy with this package, simply send the material back to me, and I'll issue you a prompt and courteous refund.

Get Started On The Road To Beating Addiction
While Dealing With Bipolar Disorder

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