Summary: You have to be a very tolerant person if your husband is suffering from bipolar disease. It is very hard to initially deal with a husband who is suffering from this disease. However, after learning about some simple ways to tackle such aggressive patients, it becomes possible to deal with the situation as well as the person.

Bipolar disease is a very serious mind disease that makes a person aggressive. The aggression is self-destructive in nature, as the bipolar person falls to the hands of depression. If your husband is suffering from this disease, life will not be easy for you. However, you can learn about certain simple ways to deal with such people in order to make life easier for you and your husband. The first step to deal with bipolar patients is to learn how to live harmoniously without fighting. Men already have a strong male ego. Bipolar disease worsens the situation. Arguments are very harmful for bipolar patients, since their mind loses the power to differentiate between sane and insane acts. Thus, treat your husband with love, if he is suffering from bipolar disorder.

Ways to Deal with a Bipolar Husband

The first thing that you need to know is that aggression will be a very normal reaction to most of the things you will do or say. This is because bipolar patients are aggressive. You will have to learn to tolerate the heavy mood swings of your husband. Mood swings are bound to happen in bipolar patients. It would be a good step to ensure his safety and yours by not arguing with him. Secondly, you need to understand that bipolar patients get depressed very easily. Thus, develop positive environment in your house.

Do not leave your husband alone, but do not poke into his needful space. Too much poking and interfering disturbs the mental balance of bipolar patients. Thus, you will have to master the art of loving while offering space. Your husband’s safety should be your prime concern. It would be a good option to go out with your husband on vacations. Try to keep your husband happy and satisfied. Yet another thing that you must know if you have a bipolar husband is that he might turn violent and suicidal without any argumentative or negative atmosphere as well.

This happens because bipolar disease is a chronic mental condition that keeps the mind stressed always. People become prone to hallucinations. These hallucinations can develop anxiety and fear in the patients. Under such panic attacks, the patient can also undertake suicidal steps. Thus, you will have to watch over the mood of your husband closely, until he gets better. If you witness any signs of palpitation, panic, hallucination or anxiety, rush him to a doctor immediately. Never get irritated by him when he informs you about some auditory or visual hallucination. Respond to him with love and assure him about your presence and support.

Yet another fact that you need to know about bipolar patients, if you have a bipolar husband, is that they are not abnormal. They are just suffering from a rare mental disorder that can make them susceptible to anger very easily. It is very difficult to deal with the aggression that is an outcome of bipolar disorder. Hence, you will have to be very strong mentally. You will have to learn to avoid what your husband would do or say in anxiety. You need to keep him engaged in his normal life. Help keep his mind focused on his recovery.

One thing that you will always have to keep in mind is that your husband may react violently in person or public, both. Thus, keep him away from such people who are pessimistic, argumentative and irritating. They might slow down his recovery process by increasing his anxiety. Thus, you will have to build a circle of positive friends around your husband. Lastly, you will have to make him understand that he will have to work harder in order to keep his aggression under control, since this would augment his process of early recovery.