Summary: Love comes once in life without any conditions. What if love strikes the doors of your life in a very strange manner? It could be very hard for people to deal with the fact that their date is suffering from bipolar disorder. However, it is hardest for the patient to deal with him/her.

Bipolar disorder is a very strange disease in medical science. It is a mental condition that leads to anxiety, depression, panic attacks, palpitations, pessimism, emotional imbalance, mood swings, destructive behavior, aggressive attitude, hallucinations and much more. It is beyond imagination to even think the level of inconvenience the patient goes through in this situation. If you are dating someone who is suffering from bipolar disorder, life will not be easier for you at all. Anger and aggression are insane body reactions to something unacceptable. However, the mind loses its power to distinguish between sane and insane conditions in bipolar disorder. Thus, expect anger and aggression from your partner much of the time, if he/she is suffering from bipolar disease.

Tips to Deal with your Date Suffering from Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is the second name of aggression, which is not normal. Such people lose their power of self-analysis and become unexpectedly violent. If the person you are dating is suffering from a similar situation, you will have to give up your ego and aggression completely. This is necessary in order to keep the safety factor of the patient in mind. Any argument or angry reaction from your side can exacerbate the situation. They are also prone to suicidal tendencies, which is why tense and stress atmospheres are life threatening for them. If you want to help your date suffering from this disorder, give up your anger completely. This will decrease the number of fights that happen between the two of you.

Secondly, do not expect rational behavior from your partner. They may be too happy with you and life at a time and they may suddenly go under depression in the next second. Adapt to all these changes in order to keep their lives safe. You will need to pamper them in order to offer them any help at all. Deal with their aggression in a cool manner. Listen to whatever they say. Take out time for them from your busy schedule according to their likes and dislikes. You will have to be a caring partner to them in order to help them and your relationship, both. It is not an easy task to handle the bipolar patients. Thus, do not expect them to be sane at any point of time.

Never create any awkward situation for them. Under stress bipolar patients can become self-destructive. Do not throw sudden news upon them, no matter if it is good or bad. Keep them as happy as you can. The key is to never give up your hope that they’ll be better soon. Yet another important tip to deal with your partner having bipolar disorder is keeping them tension free. They might get suspicious of your loyalty. Do everything possible to make them trust you. Understand their mental situation in which they may not be able to distinguish between dream and reality. You will have to have the patience until they get better. Do not leave them alone in anger and depression. Make them count upon you, so that they could inform you about suicidal thoughts.

In cases of hallucinations and aggression, take them to a doctor immediately. Love them for what they are. Do not pity them for what they have become. Never make them feel that you are doing any favor for them by being with them. This can cause severe stress, which can certainly lead to a suicidal step. It is important for you to learn about the bipolar symptoms so that you can take quick action in extreme situations. Before giving your partner a hope that he/she will be fine, you will have to make yourself believe in the same. Lastly, be with them and walk alongside their hardest phase until they are fine to feel your love once again.