Summary: It might be an awkward situation for you to be dating someone who is suffering from bipolar disorder. However, a small help offered from your side can help the person you are dating to cope well with his/her disease. 

Bipolar disease is considered as a life threatening depressive disease, since the patient suffers from loneliness badly. However, love sways away all the depression and loneliness from life automatically. Thus, if you are dating someone who is suffering from bipolar disease, you can help him/her to get better sooner. Dating could be fun and fun is the one thing that bipolar patients miss in their life. A little tolerance from your side can give a new dimension to your date suffering from this acute mental syndrome. You can make the treatment process easier for the person you are dating, who is a bipolar patient.

Dos and Don’ts with Bipolar Patients

Handle your partner with utmost care. This is the first tip to help them cope with their mental syndrome. Bipolar disease will most likely make the person you are dating aggressive, violent and pessimist. However, you can be the one person who can infuse lot of positive energy in your partner. Get hilarious and make things easy for them. Tolerate their mood swings with love and assure them that you will always be there throughout their good and bad times. Bipolar patients suffer from loneliness. Thus, take your date (who is a bipolar patient) out frequently. Take them out to fun places. Build an atmosphere of fun, happiness and delight around such patients. It helps them in coping up with their depressive mood.

Moreover, if this disease is not yet detected in the person you are dating and you find the symptoms matching, you must convince your partner to seek a doctor. You cannot force your thoughts upon bipolar patients so easily; thus, be very tolerant while you convince your partner to seek a doctor. Once confirmed, you become even more responsible to take due care of your partner. The stress of suffering from this disorder is very traumatic for the patients. In such a scenario, you can make your partner feel absolutely normal. Plan vacations, spend time, love them, comfort them and make them believe that they will get better soon.

Do not show aggression at all under any circumstances. Do not avoid your partner suffering from bipolar disorder due to any unavoidable argument or fight that has happened between the two of you. In fact, it is the worse time to leave bipolar patients alone. They can get depressed in excess and take suicidal steps very easily. Thus, the basic thing that you need to do is avoid fights at any and every cost. If it becomes unavoidable and happens, do not leave your partner alone even for a second. You can never judge the mood of bipolar patients. Thus, do not create negative atmosphere for your partner all by yourself. This will push him/her towards depression and negativity.

Further, you can be of great help to a bipolar person you are dating, since you are liable to spend time with him/her. Your partner will never miss the factors like love, happiness, hanging out, etc., in life. The feeling of loneliness, depression and emptiness will get no place whatsoever. This aids the bipolar patients a lot. They look forward to having some people who they trust in every situation. Therefore, your presence will be an added boon for your partner who is a bipolar patient. You can always be supportive when they try to deal with life normally. Be supportive of them and motivate them to indulge in their normal life schedule all over again.

Your love, patience, commitment, presence, care and support can make the treatment process very easy for your partner. Thus, you can make it easy for the person you are dating to deal with his/her mental abnormality.