Summary: Dating a bipolar person is not an easy task. It can be a real challenge for a person who is in real love, but it is not an impossible task.

Bipolar disorder is a serious mental disorder and can happen to anybody. An affected individual undergoes extreme mood swings. Sometimes the person is hyper which is referred to as mania. The low is often referred to as depression. In between the mood swings the person is absolutely normal. This disorder is very serious and sometimes, it can spoil the relationship or academics or job. This needs to be handled with care and attention. During the early stages of dating everything seems to be charming and romantic. But as the time passes, it can strain the relationship. Once you are aware that your partner is bipolar, do proper research and try to understand all the aspects of the disease. A proper understanding of the disorder can make you well prepared for any kind of situation.

Understand the partner is very important while dating a bipolar partner. Understand the signs of mania and depression. When your partner is going through mania he may shower you with a lot of gifts, calling you up very often and wanting to marry you immediately. At this stage the partner has to be reassured that he is the best and you could do anything for him. Reassurance will make the partner feel secure and get over the mood swings. Even though it may be irritating sometimes, patience is required for a long lasting relationship. At times of depression, you need to be ensured proper counseling is given by the therapist and the mood swings kept under control.

The bipolar disorder can be treated if proper care is taken. Sometimes, medications are advised which have to be followed strictly. The partner has to be patient and understanding. The partner can help the affected one by extending full support and care.

When the affected partner is manic, initially it can be very interesting with all gifts and surprises until it goes out of control. Till then it is not possible to realize that the person is bipolar. Once your partner is hyper, you cannot keep up with the pace.

Some tips for surviving the relationship:

  • Be calm and patient at the time of mood swings. This can take you a long way.
  • If you have medications ready, then administer the same or get in touch with the therapist immediately.
  • Do not get into any serious conversations or arguments till the storm has passed. You cannot win the arguments.
  • Show a positive attitude to your partner. The positive vibes can definitely help in tackling the mood swings.
  • Do not take anything personally, as the partner will behave the same way with you or with anybody else during such situations.
  • If you are not with your partner, then try reaching the place to offer medication which can suppress the mood and bring the situation under control.
  • Keep assuring and reassuring to the partner that you care, love and respect.
  • Communicate with the partner when in normal mood and try to understand his/her likes and dislikes.
  • Do not have very great expectations from the partner. A bipolar disorder affected person is generally self-centric and thinks only about themselves.
  • The situation can be made light by cracking jokes and making the partner laugh. This will ease the situation.

Bipolar disorder is just a disease and can be treated. So, when you are dating a person with bipolar disorder decide whether the person is good or not. That should be the deciding factor, not the fact that they have bipolar disorder. Also, base your decision on whether the person is interested in you and loves you. You should have self-confidence and courage to date the person. If you are convinced and confident, then there’s no looking back.