Summary: Making a bipolar marriage a success could be the greatest challenge for a married couple. There may be a lot of ups and downs which have to be faced.

A bipolar marriage is just like a roller coaster ride which can go on full speed and may crash at any time. The first and foremost challenge in a bipolar relationship is to find out that the problem is bipolar disorder. Many times the couple has no idea about the disorder. So, every day is a big challenge. Mood swings change every minute and every passing single day is tougher than the previous. Partners cannot judge what can be encountered the next moment.

Bipolar disorder can occur in anybody and there are scientific reasons behind the same. It is a state of mental disorder which is characterized by abnormal mood swings and fluctuations in energy. It is very serious as it can spoil relationships, career or academic performance. A person with bipolar disorder is not always at the peak of mood swings. He is normal in between the mood swings. Sometimes, at times of depression, it can drive one to suicide. The best thing about bipolar disorder is that it can be treated if proper care is taken. So it has to be diagnosed at an early stage and proper medication has to be administered. It becomes a serious mental disorder if timely treatment is not given. 

Once a partner gets to know that the spouse has bipolar disorder, proper research needs to be done on the subject so that you are well-informed and know how to deal with the situation. Then make sure that you extend all the help and support by getting an appointment with the therapist.

Some helpful tips for the spouse to deal with the situation:

  • Do not take what your spouse says personally. They not only behave the same with you but everybody else. It is the disease and not the person. So, help your spouse fight the disease rationally.
  • Arguments and disagreements may get into complications. They can go to any extent. So, agree with your spouse at the time of mood swings and later try explaining your opinion as you can definitely not win the argument.
  • Be positive and definitely the positive vibes will have a good impact on your spouse. Generally they try to follow your footsteps.
  • In general, a bipolar person is self-centered. They are important to themselves. So, do not expect too much from your spouse as it can hurt you.
  • Be patient and take a deep breath and step back during extreme mood swings.
  • Explain about the situation to your close friends and relatives. Good support from a friend or relative is invaluable and goes a long way to sail through each and every day.
  • Try being away during mood swings.
  • Follow the medications advised as per the schedule to avoid any further complications.
  • Add humor to the situation and make your spouse laugh out. This can make the situation lighter.
  • As marriage is a commitment, live and support your spouse fighting the disease at all the required times.
  • You can bring the situation under control by closely watching your spouse’s activities. When you know that your spouse is in a normal mood, then try to analyze the current situation so that the same desirable environment can be maintained.
  • Even when your spouse is at the peak, you can question and ask for the reason for his behavior and help by clarifying the same.
  • Communication is very essential between bipolar partners. It is very critical especially at times of mood swings. 

Surviving a bipolar marriage means a lot of sacrifice by the spouse. The only solace is that it is treatable with proper medication and the role of spouse is very critical.