Summary: Bipolar disorder is associated with mood swings and depression. Usually there are specific signs that can confirm this disorder in a person, but it may still be difficult to judge in the case of a woman. Here are few signs to help you understand if your wife has bipolar disorder.

Bipolar disorder is a disease where the person goes through a temporary phase of severe depression and unpredictable mood swings into mania. The behavioral temperament of a bipolar person will vary from time to time. S/he will become cranky, angry or frustrated even at minute things. If any of these symptoms exist in a woman, it could be quite difficult to point out if she is suffering from a bipolar disease. The reason is that a woman often experiences these symptoms before or during her menstruation cycle. So they can be easily waived off considering them as PMS or hormonal changes.

Though bipolar disorder has similar symptoms in men and women, there are a few differences which can help you to understand this condition in your wife. A bipolar person can experience either extreme mania or extreme depression. In some people, it may be both. But in the case of a woman, her female and reproductive hormones may affect the way she behaves during the disease. If she is in the middle age group, then her menopause may also influence her condition. There is more possibility of her going through intense depression rather than mania, as compared to a bipolar man.

First signs of bipolar disorder in your wife

There are a few signs which can help you detect if your wife is bipolar. Does she have any family member who has similar disease or any other kind of mental disease? If your answer is yes, then probably your wife may have inherited these genes, where you see her in frequent mood swings. Another early symptom is the way your wife goes through her daily routine and habits. If you notice that she seems tense or has started consuming drugs or alcohol or missing her work, then maybe she is showing her first signs of the disorder.

Another way to tell that your wife is going through bipolar disorder is to see if there are any significant changes in her menstruation cycle. A bipolar wife will experience PMS symptoms which are more severe than usual. She may lose interest in her work, family and other things around her. She may want to spend time alone or go into a total recluse. Another sign would be when your wife does not show any sexual intimacy. If these symptoms persist for a longer period or you feel any abnormality, then you must surely contact her doctor.

A bipolar woman will exhibit extreme manic behavior. She will behave illogically and do things that are never expected out of her. She may suddenly resign from her job or go on a personal holiday without informing you. In some rare cases, it has been observed that a divorce has resulted due to an extra marital affair of a wife, only to know later that it was her bipolar disorder that was making her cheat on her husband. So, a bipolar wife will behave normally in one instance and go on to display an erratic temperament within the next moment.

Bipolar disorder has some clear signs like extreme euphoria or sadness indicating that your wife has this disease. However at times, they can be confusing too because you would not be able tell whether her mood swings are due to hormonal changes, pregnancy, menstruation or bipolar disorder. The key to understanding these signs lies in tracking the behavior changes in her closely. If you see any of these symptoms persisting for a longer period of time, your wife may have bipolar disorder. So, get her checked by her doctor immediately to avoid the situation getting out of your control.