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Defy the Impossible and Live Miraculously
C.C. Brighton
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By C.C. Brighton
Published on 06/3/2010
In looking at the life of Christ and the life of Bees, the bipolar individual can similarly live in a miraculous way.

Do the Impossible
The Bumble Bee is a miraculous creature! Scientifically it is not supposed to fly. Its wings are too little and its body is too big. But no one told the bumble bee; he flies anyway. He is a winged miracle. Bipolar people can be just the same. The medical textbooks say that we should experience hellish symptoms but we do not have to with God’s help. Jesus was nailed to that cross. He was lashed with a cat of nine tails 39 times. A cat of nine tails is a whip with nine chords attached with glass or metal on the end of it. So He was actually whipped 39 x 9 times across His back. Bipolar people must take the illness and run into those wounds and those lashes for healing and sanity. Those wounds bought us a sound mind. I beat it down the street into those bloody lashes and find warmth and safety from such a violent storm tossed mind. The life is in the blood it says in the Bible. That blood made us whole mentally. It made us mentally sound. It is so important that bipolar individuals, like the bumble bee not focus on what society or anybody else tells them they cannot do. The bumble bee is totally unaware of any deficit or anything that might be lacking in him that might cause him to stumble. If the bumble bee could not fly we would all be in trouble. It is absolutely vital to his mission in life. Each bipolar person has a remarkable calling from God on their life. They are His touched ones. They are touched by fire as Dr. Kay Redfield Jamisen states. Do not lend your ears to listen to anything that would cause you not to fly in this life. Also, remember that the illness or the very thing that seeks to kill you is also your point of greatest strength. Only in the Kingdom of God can this be possible. It is an upside down Kingdom. I refer to one of my favorite passages, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” ( 2 Corinthians 12:9)The God of the heavens declares that anything you see or they say is weakness is actually your greatest strength. His power, the power that defeated death, hell, and the grave is at work in bipolar Christians radically changing this world. Do not take your life, do not stop fighting, run into those wounds and live…live and bring others to life. The bumble bee shapes our planets ecosystems and even human economies. You beloved have much that Father God wants you to know, and receive, and share with fragile ones on the fringe. Think of the bumble bee and dare to fly high above misgivings and the untruths of this world and listen to what your God tells you and do the impossible!I used this great article on bees to assist in my article:***Remember, Jesus adores you and always take your meds!C.C