Bipolar disorder is a mental disorder which occurs with two extreme emotions. Patients experience a heightened phase known as “mania” and there are others who have sad, low phase called “depression”. An analysis of the Bipolar disorder causes will help to know the root-cause of the illness.

The basic information on bipolar disorder is the fact that there is a chemical imbalance within the brain which is the reason for the disorder. The study by American journal of Psychiatry in the year 2000 reports that two major areas of the brain which contain 30 percent more cells send signals to the other part of the brain. This extra sending of signals leads to a kind of over stimulation which is considered to be one of main bipolar disorder causes.

All scientists agree that the bipolar disorder causes are not one, but a combination of many factors working together. These factors include the biological factor which refers to the environment and the psychological factors.

Genetics unraveled

While probing into the Genetic angle in bipolar disorder causes, there is research that is currently pursued to understand the chromosomal effects. Bipolar disorder in family is inherited and the direct family members who include parents, children and sibling are the first to be affected, especially in an identical twin whose percentage is the highest as compared to the fraternal twins.

Medical research scientists are trying to figure out the condition of how genes cause bipolar disorder. Two-thirds of the patients have a family history as the reason for the mental disorder. Advanced parental age also seem to trigger bipolar disorder.

Brain and transmitting

There has been a mapping between abnormalities and certain brain circuits which could cause bipolar disorder. The chemicals such as norepinephrine which control the brains functions are called neurotransmitters. When the levels are on the high mania results and when the levels are low, depression results. The presence of other neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine also play a role.

The current investigative study is exploring the possible link between the presences of excessive calcium in the cells of bipolar patients.


For a person with a genetic vulnerability, Stress could trigger bipolar disorder. Poignant moments like losing a loved one, relationship breakdown, getting sacked could be some reasons.

Substance abuse

Wherever there has been an abuse of cocaine (more than 50% of cases), ecstasy and amphetamines, mania results while alcohol gives way to depression. Whenever patients consume cocaine, diagnosis also becomes difficult.

Anti-depressant drugs could bring out onset of mania. So they have to be consumed in consultation with doctor.

Season’s effect

Seasonal changes coincide with some of the patients. Depressive and winter go hand in glove and manic episodes are marked in spring and summer.

A complete understanding of the bipolar disorder causes will help in effective treatment.