There are many natural bipolar remedies being sold today that claim to cure bipolar disorder.  However, if you look at these advertisements more closely, usually you will find that they are trying to get you to replace your medications with their "supplements" or "herbal remedies," which are in the form of pills.  Many people with bipolar disorder already feel as if they are taking too many pills, and are turned off by these offers, yet don't know what to do.  Therefore, I am going to discuss true natural bipolar remedies not using pills, which will still help you with your bipolar disorder.Sleep is the most overlooked, natural bipolar remedy without pills that will help your bipolar disorder.  Without proper sleep habits, you can very well go into a manic episode.  You should go to bed at the same time every night and awaken every morning at the same time.  You must have eight to nine uninterrupted hours of sleep every night.Another good natural bipolar remedy without pills is exercise.  It increases the endorphins in your brain – improving your brain activity as much as your physical activity.  Since you deal with a chemical imbalance in your brain, this can only work in your favor.  Exercise doesn't have to be as elaborate as joining a gym, although some people with bipolar disorder do choose to do that.  It can be as simple as walking.  The main things to remember about exercise are to keep it simple, do what works for you, and be consistent (yet don't worry if you miss a day, just pick up where you left off).  Three days a week is all you need for a good exercise program. The importance of a good exercise program is that you stay as fit physically as you do emotionally.You need to eat a healthy diet.  This reinforces taking care of your body as well as your mind.  Too much caffeine and sugar can lead to mania in a person with bipolar disorder, and that is something you want to avoid.  In addition, too much weight will cause problems with your self-esteem, and may cause depression.  Sticking to a routine is an excellent natural bipolar remedy, because it gives you structure.  It will help you to make sure you take your medication, as well as reinforce your sleep, exercise and diet.  It will also help you to be productive, which will keep you from being bored or lazy, which can lead to bipolar depression.  Routine will also help you to balance work/school, home, family and personal responsibilities and help you to maintain balance with your bipolar disorder.As important as the physical exercise mentioned earlier is the relaxation of the body and mind as well.  This is an important natural remedy, especially for people with bipolar disorder who have problems with racing thoughts.  Relaxation exercises and meditation are two good ways to practice this.  Many people also find that listening to soothing music helps them as well.Although volunteering may not at first seem like a natural remedy for bipolar disorder, it is a way to turn your thoughts away from your internal struggle and outward toward other people.  It also keeps you from isolating at home.  These are both ways to avoid a bipolar depressive episode.Journaling is another good natural bipolar remedy because it allows you to write down your thoughts and feelings, and can help you to notice patterns, signs and symptoms of your bipolar disorder.  By doing this, you can avoid episodes before they happen.Sleeping 8-9 hours every day, exercising, and eating a healthy diet are natural bipolar remedies without pills.  Other ways to help manage your bipolar disorder without pills include the following:  watching for patterns, signs and symptoms of an episode through the use of a journal; relaxation and meditation; volunteering; keeping a routine; and maintaining balance in your life.