Bipolar disorder is a mental illness where patients experience mood swings which typically range from a frenzied euphoria to depression. Since it is long term condition with no complete cure, the symptoms of bipolar disorder have to be controlled. Patients go thru a range of emotions and need to be comforted in a congenial environment. It becomes a conflicting phase of life and to come to terms with the diagnosis of bipolar disorder could be frightening and frustrating. The acceptance of the psychological problem is not just for people who suffer from it but also for their near and dear ones.Patients need factual information on all aspects of the disorder. They need to know the latest treatment options available. They might have problems which need urgent attention, or they may have doubts to be cleared. A bipolar forum provides a platform for the patients and their relatives and friends to speak or clarify whatever doubts they have.  Sometimes, these patients may require details from doctors who could help them in their neighborhood. They can turn to these bipolar forums and support groups to seek more and current information.Bipolar forums offer a great service  for the patients and their families to reach out to the community. Through message boards, one is immediately updated on the latest tools that are available or any new treatment protocols. There are regular conferences being held by research institutes like National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), International Foundation for Research and Education on Depression and Depression and Bipolar Support alliance (DBSA). The research findings find their way into the support groups and bipolar forums and educate patients about them. It is a known fact that treatment for every bipolar patient is unique. Bipolar forums provide that medium where patients can share their experiences, express their views and even help other members with their problems. The treatment methodologies of today also insist on patients to keep in touch with the bipolar community to help them. They can gauge their symptoms through online tools, the information of which can be known through bipolar forums. Joining these forums is free and simple. Here is   a small list:1.Bipolar support which has forums for patients and their relatives and allows the members to express to the community through message boards, chat and other activities.2.MDJunction where supportive bipolar members help the patients and their relatives.3.Daily Strength where patients can chat, discuss, be part of a wellness journal, research latest treatment and even track one’s progress with their tools.4.Psychforums is a wonderful place to share your voice.5.Mental health forum is a dedicated place where you find pertinent views and information.These forums are the windows to their world and when the world stands by them, they get the confidence to win their life.References: