I never go without my medication. It is necessary for me to have fullness of life right now at this time. Therefore, I take it religiously. To go without it would be careless and I would be showing a disregard for my life. I did have to learn this the hard way of course. Early on, I was almost always on the wrong medicine so I saw my doctor constantly trying to find what would work. But a few times my doctor would get it sort of right. Then after I felt a little relief, I would think I was all better and come off the medicine. I did not realize or want to see that I was only doing better because I was of course on medication. I learned fast that I needed my meds and I became resolved in taking them regularly as the doctor prescribed. My life runs very smoothly now and I would jeopardize that if I insanely came off my meds. I need those meds like some people need insulin. There is NO difference whatsoever between those two examples in the bodies need for various substances to live and breathe. I also always try to pack meds with me as a sort of just in case scenario. I also try to plan ahead in calling the pharmacy so nothing unexpected could go wrong. Those two things take discipline and responsibility and I have had to work on that as I have felt lulled to sleep by the illness at times and not felt like it. C.C. Brighton www.bipolarliveitup.com