You may be struggling with whether or not you even believe in bipolar medications, and/or that you want to take natural supplements instead of prescribed medication.  It might help you to know that many people, whether they have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder or not, struggle with this issue. We live in a time where natural is considered better and many people resist the urge to subject their body to unnecessary chemicals and additives.


This trend has its place; however, the logic behind this trend does not necessarily fit well with prescription medication.


Natural remedies, natural supplements, herbs and vitamins can all be useful when treating non-life threatening conditions or just to increase overall health. However, these same "medications" can be dangerous, even deadly, for someone who has been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder.


For example, if someone chooses not to take a prescribed medication that is intended to control their depression, and opts instead to take the natural supplement St. John's Wart, they are taking two major risks.


The biggest risk is that the supplement will not work to really control their depression. In this case the individual will continue to get worse, maybe even suicidal.  St. John’s Wart is intended to control “normal” depressions; however, Bipolar Disorder involves a chemical imbalance in the brain whereby depression is only half the battle, and is definitely NOT like a “normal” depression.


The second risk is that the supplement can react badly in their system, causing even more problems than the original ones they started with.  Again, this could be because this supplement is trying to treat a “normal” depression, instead of a chemically induced depression.


While natural supplements may sound like the way to go, the cold hard facts are that these supplements are never the best treatment for Bipolar Disorder.


If you still want to incorporate these supplements into your life, the best thing to do is to talk to your doctor. He can work with you to determine which supplements are safe for you and which prescribed medications you still need to take.


The important thing is that you realize that you will need to take some prescribed medications for your condition. There really are no supplements that can completely treat the symptoms of your disorder. Plus, there are NO reputable studies for ANY of the products seen on the market.


By finding a combination that works best for you and your condition, you can have the best of both worlds. You can feel better about what you are putting into your body, and you can be sure you are getting the medicine that your body needs to stay happy, healthy and alive, and stable with your bipolar disorder!