If you have bipolar disorder, you should be taking medication to control it.  You also should be following a good treatment program that involves seeing a doctor, psychiatrist, and therapist.  However, there are other keys to living a happy, healthy bipolar lifestyle.  I'll go over a few ways here, but you can find more at my website devoted to bipolar disorder.


Keys to Good Physical Health


1.      Practice good sleep habits.  You should get 8-9 hours of sleep per night.

2.      Eat a healthy diet, including healthy snacks.

3.      Avoid foods that increase stress; such as: sugar, chocolate, and caffeine

4.      Avoid alcohol and drugs

5.      Exercise at least 3 times per week (even if it's just walking).


Keys to Good Mental Health


1.      Learn – keep learning about bipolar disorder and other new things

2.      Challenge your mind

3.      Have meaning and purpose to your life

4.      Have a sense of humor


Keys to Good Emotional Health


1.      Be productive – work, volunteer, do things around the house

2.      Make sure that your emotional needs are met

3.      Spend some time outdoors

4.      Don't isolate

5.      Have a good attitude – be positive

6.      Stay as stress-free as possible


Keys to Good Personal Health


1.      Do things that make you happy

2.      Have a social life

3.      Enjoy being who you are

4.      Enjoy life


Keys to Good Spiritual Health


1.      Pray

2.      Meditate

3.      Write down thoughts and feelings in a journal

4.      Go to a place of worship

Don't forget to visit bipolarcentral.com, the number one site devoted to bipolar disorder.