Have you ever tried to get your loved one the treatment that you know they need, but felt like a second-class citizen because nobody would listen to you?  Have you had to watch helplessly as your loved one got more and more out-of-control because you couldn't get them the help that they needed?


If you have experienced the above, then I know what you have gone through.  Many supporters have told me the same story, and I went through it myself.  When my mother was having bipolar episode after bipolar episode and was fighting my help every step of the way, I just watched her get worse and worse, and I didn't know what to do about it.


Unfortunately, my mom did not have a signed Medical Release form on file in the offices of her doctor, psychiatrist, or therapist.  That meant that I couldn't talk to any of them, nor could they talk to me.


It also meant that I couldn't put her in the hospital, no matter how much she needed to be there, because my mom was so sick that she refused to go to the hospital willingly.


Her condition just worsened day after day, until I got desperate.


I thought of an idea, one which will work for you as well, if you are in the same situation as I was – stonewalled, because your loved one did not sign a Medical Release form that was on file.


I found out that it wasn't that my mom's medical and mental health professionals didn't WANT to talk to me, it was that they COULDN'T talk to me, or they could get in trouble.  It was illegal for them to talk to me, and they could have lost their licenses.  Well, I wasn't trying to get them in trouble; I just wanted to get my mother the help that she needed.


My idea was this:  I couldn't call them and they couldn't call me, right?  However, that didn't mean that I couldn't call their receptionists and leave messages!  It also didn't mean that I couldn't send emails and faxes! 


I used these methods to communicate with my mom's professionals, and they were able to work together and put my mom in the hospital, where she was finally able to get the help that she needed.   What we did was NOT illegal by any means, but it did work!