Sometimes, it is difficult to get someone who has bipolar disorder to take their medications.  There are several reasons for this.  The important thing, however, is to learn how to help them take their bipolar medications.


Following are some suggestions:


·         Stress the importance of taking their medication

Upon diagnosis, your loved one's doctor will have prescribed medication for them to take for their bipolar disorder, but may not have stressed how very important it is to take it.  You can help enforce this by saying something like, "You know there is no cure for bipolar disorder, but there is treatment for it, and the best treatment is if you take your medication."


·         Quote statistics

Learn the statistics involving bipolar disorder and medications and quote them to your loved one.  For example, you could say, "The National Institute on Mental Health says that one out of five people who don't take their bipolar medication end up killing themselves.  Now, that's a national organization, not me."


·         Remind them of the consequences

The consequences of not taking bipolar medications can be fatal, as made in the last point; however, they can also lead to other things that are not fatal, but are negative just the same.  You might say something like, "If you don't take your medication, you could go into an episode, and you don't want that, do you?"


·         Tell them how you feel

They may not put much stock in your feelings when they don't want to take their medications, but you might want to take the chance anyway – it might make a difference.  You could tell them something like, "I want you to take your medications because I love you and I want you to get better."


·         Offer to help them

If forgetting to take their medication is the problem, then you can offer to help them by reminding them to take their medication.  You can also help by buying a pill box available at most pharmacies, department stores, or even grocery stores.


·         Take medications together

If you also take medication, you can help your loved one to take their bipolar medication by offering to take your medication at the same time as they take theirs.