If you have bipolar disorder and are prone to manic episodes, then risky sexual behavior is something about which you need to be very careful.  Hyper-sexuality, promiscuity, and extramarital affairs are some of the sexual behaviors that result from bipolar manic episodes.


One of the symptoms of a manic episode is an increased sex drive.  If you are married (or in a committed relationship) and can be faithful, that is one thing.  However, if you cannot control your impulses, you can find yourself betraying your spouse or partner and having an affair.


Having an extramarital affair is somewhat common when someone goes into a manic episode, and can be truly damaging to their relationship with their spouse. 


Consider this true story:


Bill was married to his wife for 13 years, and had been faithful to her the entire time.  They had two beautiful daughters, a nice home, a new car, and Bill had a good job.  He had everything a man could want. 


However, Bill also had bipolar disorder, and one day he went into a manic episode.  He picked up a prostitute and had sex with her.  He kept it a secret from his wife, thinking he could get away with it, and she wouldn't know the difference.


Unfortunately, Bill picked up a sexually transmitted disease from the prostitute and, of course, his wife knew he had been unfaithful.   His wife kicked him out and, having to live on the streets (she, of course, kept the house and car), Bill lost everything, even his job.


This all happened because of his sexual behavior during a bipolar manic episode.


Risky sexual behavior is common during a manic episode – not just for a man, but for a woman as well.


A woman with bipolar disorder in a manic episode could exhibit risky sexual behavior that stems from simple flirting all the way to having an affair and getting pregnant.


If you have bipolar disorder and tend to exhibit sexual behaviors during your episode, please talk to your doctor about it and get some help, or you might end up losing it all like Bill, or exhibiting other risky sexual behaviors.