Here it is Christmas, and I was wondering, do you think Santa Claus has bipolar disorder?


Really, think about it –


One of the biggest symptoms of having bipolar disorder – at least the manic end -- is having grandiose ideas, right?


Well, what is more grandiose than the idea that you can make it around the world in one night and deliver toys to every single boy and girl?


And what’s this about the red suit thing? 


He must’ve bought it on his last manic episode, because only someone in a manic episode would think something like that would look good on them!


I guess he needs it, though, to live on the NORTH POLE!!!


Does anyone really live on the North Pole?


Ok, and what about the reindeer?


He’s talking to these creatures (and listening to them) and they are going to “fly” him around the world in his quest to deliver all those toys, right? 


And what about the elves?


Have any of you ever seen an elf?  Hallucination, gotta be.


I’d say that is the psychotic part of bipolar disorder, for sure.


Yep – delusions and hallucinations for good ole Santa Clause there!


Now here’s the clincher – the man goes around all the time saying, “Ho ho ho,” like who could be happier! 


Well, only someone in a manic episode could be THAT happy!


Still don’t believe me?  Start thinking of some of your own, then.


No doubt, you will come to believe that Santa Clause has bipolar disorder, too!


I know I’ve been a little silly in this article, but it’s all in the spirit of the holidays, as I wish you all a Merry Christmas!