Bipolar disorder comes with its own signs and symptoms and, if you have researched it, you will know what to look for in your loved one to tell if they are getting sick or not.  But what should you do when your loved one does get sick?


One way to look at this is in a physical sense of getting sick.  This is not something to take lightly, especially if they have to take medication for their illness (it could interfere with their bipolar medications).


If your loved one is physically sick, make sure that they go to see their doctor, as it can be a sign of something serious.  Even the flu can be dangerous for someone with bipolar disorder.


One thing you should NOT do if your loved one gets sick, however, is to hover over them, waiting on them.  This applies whether their sickness is physical or emotional.


The flu is something your loved one can pretty much get over on their own.  They may need to take cold medication, but otherwise they should be ok.


However, always keep in mind that a physical illness can sometimes be a trigger for a bipolar episode.


If you do notice signs and symptoms of a bipolar episode in your loved one, you need to talk to them about it.  They may not have noticed these things themselves.


If your loved one is in a full-blown episode, however, you may not be able to help them.  In other words, they may need more help than you can give.


In this case, you will need to convince them to go for help (or at least call their doctor), and may even have to take them to the hospital.