'I worked too many hours for too many years for too little money in too stressful an environment NOT to draw benefits from the money I paid into the Social Security system now that my job stress has caused me to become unable to work in a normal workplace!' - Anonymous Disabled Worker

All too often, we work for years and years and never really look at what is being taken out of our paychecks each payday. There's that little box on the check that says F.I.C.A. and a percentage of your income, up to a maximum amount (it's a very large amount) is taken from your paycheck each and every time payday rolls around. Even more, whatever amount is shown as a deduction from your paycheck, your employer paid in the exact same matching amount. F.I.C.A. (which is just a fancy name for SSI Tax) as of 2005 was 7.5% on the part of the employee and 7.5% on the part of the employer! That adds up to a whole lot of money over years of work!

Now, whether your disability has to do with the fact that you allowed your workplace to stress you to the point that a latent mental disorder manifested, or if you were disabled physically on the job or off, or even if you had a mental disorder that became worse over the years, ending your ability to function at your job properly, you have the RIGHT to draw disability income with pride!

If you had placed 15% of your income into a bank account or investment plan every single payday for your entire working life, would you be embarrassed if you had to withdraw some of the money during a period of disability? Why are you laughing? Of course you wouldn't be ashamed! With SSDI you are doing exactly the same thing. The U.S. Government has your name and the amount you paid in carried in their database and SSDI simply allows you a monthly draw against that amount. Of course, with SSDI, you may end up drawing more than you paid in, very unlike if you had a bank account. However, the amount you receive as SSDI payments is directly related to the amount you paid into the system when you were able to work!

Disability income is NOT a hand out. It is a right as an American who once was able to earn a living and pay into the system. There should be no shame! Stop the denial and belief that you can survive without seeking the SSDI you have every right to receive!