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Bipolar News February 5, 2010

Kids of bipolar parents at risk for mental woes
According to a new study, young children whose parents have bipolar disorder -- a mental illness marked by severe mood swings from depression to mania ...

Schizophrenic bipolar killer denied parole

Deseret News
He recently spent time in the Utah State Hospital, and confirmed for Yeates that he suffers from schizophrenic bipolar disorder, antisocial personality ...

Manuel's failing health a factor in sentencing
St. Augustine Record
On top of his existing conditions, Manuel was diagnosed with bipolar disorder after his arrest. Sheppard said while he and his client listened to a tape ...

Judge gives man 30 to 50 years for fatal stabbing last March
Lincoln Journal Star
He said it started with Carias buying marijuana from Johns, and Johns reacting in a "bipolar state." It was a perfect scenario for something to go bad, ...

Polk County in search of missing disabled man
Nickle is mentally disabled, bipolar, paranoid schizophrenic and suffering from delusions. He may become violent, a news release from the Highway Patrol ...

Pathologist: Rebecca Riley died of pneumonia, toxic level of drugs
Boston Globe
The girl was diagnosed with hyperactivity disorder at age 2, and then shortly after she was 3, with bipolar disorder. Prosecutors contend that her parents ...

Excellent school performance at age 16 and risk of adult bipolar disorder ...
British Journal of Psychiatry
Email: j.maccabe{at} Anecdotal and biographical reports suggest that bipolar disorder may be associated with high IQ or creativity, ...

Police seek missing student last seen at Our Place
Victoria Times Colonist
Police are looking for Ontario woman Dana Tkachenko, 29, a Masters student at Trent University suffers from bipolar and schizoaffective disorder went ...

Zyprexa (olanzapine): Use in Adolescents
Food Consumer
... Zyprexa related to its indication for use in adolescents (ages 13-17) for treatment of schizophrenia and bipolar I disorder [manic or mixed episodes]. ...

Letters to the editor: health topics
The Fairfield Citizen
Did you know that one out of four American families is affected by mental illness? With names like depression, anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and OCD, these illnesses touch the lives of many of our families, friends, neighbors and co-workers.

Polk County Sheriff Looking for Endangered Person
KSPR Springfield
The Polk county sheriff's office is asking people in and around Halfway, Missouri to be on the lookout for 28 year old Lucas Nickle. Authorities issued an endangered person report for the man whom they say is mentally disabled, bipolar, and is a Paranoid Schizophrenic suffering from delusions, and may become violent.

Something Happy Is What We All Wish For Susan Campbell
Hartford Courant
Her 65-year-old daughter, who lives with bipolar disorder, is homeless in Hartford. The older woman's landlord won't let her take her daughter in, ...

ER physician says overdose killed Rebecca Riley
Enterprise News
Rebecca Riley was diagnosed with ADHD and bipolar disorder when she was 2 by Dr. Kayoko Kifuji of Tufts-New England Medical Center. ...

Drop-in centers provide stop-gap, support to patients with mental illness
The Bozeman Daily Chronicle
“If you're bipolar and cycling through the ups and downs, you can go to the center and people understand because we've all been there. ...

Police officers not allowed to give evidence at disciplinary hearing
Edmonton Journal
Berube's lawyer Tom Engel has argued that his client suffers from bipolar disorder which began due to his experiences while working in downtown division. ...

Driver jailed in suicidal crash
Maryland Gazette
He is bipolar and was not taking medication for his illness at the time. "He is very remorseful, he feels quite terrible," Aita said. Even before the crash, ...

I've beaten myself up over this, says sober and sorry groper Chris Smith
Daily Telegraph
Previously, Smith has acknowledged that he was an alcoholic and that he also suffered bipolar disorder. "I can never go back to that point. ...

Mood swings may reveal issues with bipolar disorder
Scottsbluff Star-Herald
It all started at the age of 14 with mood swings, deep depression and cutting, said Hillary, now 21. "My condition made it difficult to go to school because I was made fun of. I was told I was ugly, fat and stupid and was never told anything positive," she said.

The Accidental Prophet
New York Magazine
In 1980, he moved his family to England, failed spectacularly, and succumbed further to severe bipolar disorder. A few years later, they returned to ...

'Crazy Like Us,' by Ethan Watters
San Francisco Chronicle
Taking a wealth of research into account, however, it's hard to argue that severe illnesses such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and severe depression ...

Winter blues or SAD?
Paragould Daily Press
Approximately 20 percent of people with SAD also suffer from bipolar I or II disorder. Sufferers can also potentially self-medicate with alcohol during the ...

Even meds don't make bipolar disorder easy
The Free Lance-Star
His mother said, "If he were bipolar--any other mental illness--there's a pill for it that will alter the progression." For those patients and families ...

Pick your poison
Boston Globe
Seroquel XR purports to treat bipolar depression, a serious mental illness. One of the six pages depicts a sad-looking woman sitting in a stairwell. ...

Pregnant women with bipolar disorder should 'speak' to doctor
Craegmoor News
Women with bipolar disorder should speak to their doctor about their medicine if they are pregnant, national charity Mind has said. ...

Body Of Missing Roseville Man Found On Iron Range
Northland's NewsCenter
... Volunteer Rescue Squad searched the woods today, and came across the deceased Twin Cities man, who suffered from schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. ...

Robert Westhead: Instead of just being lively, I was losing touch with reality
It has been suggested that having a celebrity's ultra-outgoing personality might dispose someone to bipolar illness. At least one in 100 people has bipolar ...

In Lake City, Seattle, homeless veterans and others now have a place to call home

Seattle Times
But with the help of government programs and nonprofit groups, the Marine veteran now has a studio apartment and receives ongoing help for bipolar disorder, ...

Free class soon for families living with mental illness
Hillsboro Argus -
... major depression, bipolar disorder (manic-depression), panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder and borderline personality disorder. ...

Hearing scheduled to certify as an adult 15-year-old rape suspect

Toledo Blade
The victim, who has bipolar disorder and Asperger's syndrome, an autism spectrum disorder, told police she was walking to the West Toledo branch library on ...

Straight-A schoolchildren at higher risk of bipolar disorder, research claims
Straight-A schoolchildren have a much higher risk of suffering from bipolar disorder than less intelligent pupils, according to new research. ...

Fish Oil to Prevent Psychotic Disorders?

About - News & Issues (blog)
If these findings stand up in larger studies, will the results turn out to have an application to the psychosis of Bipolar I Disorder? ...

Concert to benefit a local eight year-old with a terminal illness
Heather says, “Eventually he will be bedridden, tube fed, blindness, kind of what some people would consider bipolar, because there are so many changes with ...

Jurors in trial of accused mother hear taped interviews

Boston Globe
When asked if Rebecca's bipolar diagnosis was wrong, the defendant replied, “probably.'' She said she “trusted that the doctors knew what they were talking ...

Seroquel Litigation May Cost AstraZeneca $1.2B in Legal Costs: Report
... treatment of bipolar disorders through publications presented at major congresses,” even though treatment of bipolar disorders was not approved at the time.

“Brain Bank” To Foster Research, Treatment of Major Psychiatric Diseases
The database's inventory of 60 human brains includes 15 from people diagnosed with schizophrenia, 15 from those with bipolar disorder, and 15 from people ...

Teen had history of threatening family, authorities say
Greensboro News & Record
Records show the teen's mother said at his first appearance before a judge that her son suffered from bipolar disorder . Rook later pleaded guilty and ...

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