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Taking Things the Wrong Way

Hey, y’all —

Do you ever take something someone says to you the wrong way?

I did, yesterday. I got all upset, supposedly over nothing. But it really bothered me, because I thought I was being criticized, and I took it personally.

I have a problem with that.

My therapist is working with me on that. I know I can be self-centered at times (sorry, I’m working on it), still thinking that everything revolves around me, and I do take things the wrong way, thinking that the simplest of comments, like say something about my work, is directed at me personally. Then I get upset about it.

So I got depressed yesterday, and wasn’t good for anything.

Stupid, huh?

The thing is, and this is what I wanted to tell you. You have to separate the comment from your own self and your own personal feelings. To say nothing about the other person, who may or may not necessarily be sensitive to you and your feelings.

Sometimes people say things that aren’t meant to hurt our feelings but because we have bipolar disorder, we take them the wrong way, and/or we take them personally, when they were never meant that way. And we shouldn’t do this.

Like how I felt depressed yesterday over a stupid comment that wasn’t meant personally at all. So I wasted a perfectly good depression over nothing! 🙂

So the next time someone says something to you, take into consideration the source. Then take into consideration exactly what they are saying. They may not mean what you think they are meaning, and they are most likely not saying it to hurt your feelings at all!

Wishing you peace and stability,
Remember God loves you and so do I,


Hey Michele,
Wanted to let you know that the surgery went okay. The doc had a little trouble geting the stone out. It was really impacted in there but it is out and I am feeling so much better. I go in next thrusday for another type of procedure to have the other two stones dealt with. Hope all is well with you and your family.

I’m so glad the surgery went ok! Sometimes surgery can upset our bipolar, but you sound real stable — keep up the good work! I know when I had the day surgery on my neck a couple weeks ago, they went over my bipolar meds with a fine toothed comb, but they only let me NOT take one of them. Keep me posted. Good job, girl!

Jerry, welcome to the blog! Hope you’ll find comfort and fellowship here as much as the others do.

Having manias without the depression doesn’t make you weird. I just hope you’re taking medication for it. I used to NOT take my medication because I liked my manic highs so much, but there was the inevitable crash eventually into depression, and that was no fun, and I stayed depressed for a long time. I hope that doesn’t happen to you.

As I said, the main thing is that you’re taking medication for the mania, so that you’re stable.

At any rate, WELCOME!

Wishing you peace and stability.
Remember God loves you and so do I,