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Reflecting on a Few Things

I’ve just been reflecting on a few things lately…

When I was first diagnosed with bipolar disorder, my reaction went from one extreme to the other – for one thing, I was just happy that they had a name for what I’d been through for so long; but at the other extreme, I was petrified. I had so many questions, and no answers!

Other than my mother who had bipolar disorder and was doing well, and my sister, who was diagnosed with BP but was still in denial about having the disorder, I didn’t know anyone else who could explain what having it meant. I mean, it was a pretty scary time for me, and I felt very much alone.

My first impulse was to try to get more information on the disorder, but the pamphlets in the doctor’s office were sorely lacking – they had some basic introductory things, but really didn’t help. Next, I went to my local library, and I left feeling more confused than when I came.

I called my therapist for help, and she referred me to a bipolar support group. It was ok – just being around other people who also had the disorder made me feel better.

But that was ALL they talked about. I mean, I understand we were at a bipolar support group and all, so of course we would talk about bipolar, but there were other issues related to the disorder that I wanted to know about – other things that the disorder affected in my life that I wanted to discuss. And it seemed all they did was complain! And they were so negative! It just wasn’t for me.

But the one good thing I did get out of that support group was that they had some free literature there, and I took some. It led me to some websites on the internet, so that was where my journey took me next.

The NAMI, NIMH and DBSA websites had loads of information that helped me! But then I did a Google keyword search for bipolar, and found, and have not looked back since!

I “met” David Oliver, and I have been writing for him for over 12 years now! It has been a wonderful journey. He is such a giving man, working so hard to help bipolar survivors and supporters. It is an honor to work with him. If you have found this blog, then you have also found his website. I hope it has also been a help to you.

Wishing you joy and stability,

Remember God loves you and so do I,

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