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Mom Going to Rehab

Well, it’s debatable whether Mom is getting better or not. I guess you could say she is better in that she is not combative any more, but that could be because she is no longer in the assisted living facility, because she is in the hospital.

She has pneumonia and had trouble breathing, so she has had to be in the hospital where they could give her antibiotics and oxygen. She also has some kidney involvement, and they need to watch her.

One of the things I am concerned about is that they took her off her Seroquel (her bipolar medication) because they said it interfered with her antibiotic (WHAT? I never heard of that before).

What are they gonna do if she goes into a bipolar episode? Will they even know what to do?

Ok, well, here’s the update on Mom. The doctor says she needs at least six weeks of rehab. At this point, she is so weak she can’t feed herself and cannot get out of bed to go to the bathroom.

My dad says she is even too weak to talk to him when he visits. So I ask you, how is she going to do ANY rehab at all, much less six weeks of it?

But the doctor says she has gotten “a little bit better,” and so is supposedly discharging her today to another assisted living facility (NOT the one she was at) where she can get rehab. Can we say FUTILE?

Meanwhile, when my mom is able to talk, she tells Dad she wants to die. My dad tells her, “Don’t you want to get better first so you can get discharged and die at home?” And she says, “Ok.” I wonder if that’s good psychology or just crazy talk.

But here IS the crazy part. Dad promised Mom that if she doesn’t like this rehab facility after two days, that he will take her home. WHAT???!!! He is letting HER control this thing? Letting HER be in charge of her rehab?

If this is true, she will undoubtedly say she doesn’t like it after two days, just so she can go home and not have to do the rehab, because she always says it is “too hard.” (Right, because they make her work.)

I can’t believe he is letting her have a choice. As manipulative as she is? Of course she will choose to go home instead of be in an assisted living facility. Look how bad she acted the last time she was in one, just because she didn’t want to be there! Talk about tantrums!

I would never give her a choice about this if it were me. I would just make her do it, for her own good. No matter how bad she acted up. I would not reward bad behavior, definitely. I get so mad at my dad, because he lets her get away with it and always gives in, giving her whatever she wants, because “it’s easier.”

She has just totally run my dad down. He will not stand up to her any more. She gets whatever she wants. Even when she was discharged from the hospital last time and was at home for a little while before going in again, he waited on her hand and foot.

And he has his own problems! His emphysema is so bad these days that he almost had to call an ambulance the other day and end up in the hospital himself!

Well, we’ll see what happens when my mom goes into the rehab facility, whether she only lasts two days or actually stays to have her rehab. You know my prediction, obviously.

Wishing you joy and stability,

Remember God loves you and so do I,

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