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Having Good Bipolar Supporters

Thank God for good bipolar supporters. I know I appreciate my husband, who is my primary supporter, in more ways than one. But as a supporter, he helps me keep on my toes regarding my bipolar disorder.

Having a supporter is like having a check and balance system. You may not necessarily be able to tell when you are showing signs and symptoms of a bipolar episode, but if you have a good supporter, they will be able to tell (usually before you).

When my mom was in her last episode, I noticed that she was headed that way because of two things: 1. She started shopping more, and 2. Whenever she goes into an episode, we reverse roles, and I become the mom.

My mom also has other people in her support system – my two brothers and my father. And we all noticed the same things, so we told her we were concerned about her.

The thing about a good support system is this – they are only as good as you let them be. You have to allow your bipolar supporters to help you. You need to listen to them, because they may see something that you don’t.

My mom listened to us, and called her psychiatrist, who adjusted her medications, and she was much better.

I can’t imagine where she would have been if she hadn’t listened to her supporters. But she has learned over time, as I have, that we don’t always see ourselves in a realistic light. Sometimes our bipolar disorder distorts our thoughts, so that we don’t see anything wrong.

We need a good strong support system to catch us like a safety net, so that we can avoid bipolar episodes. Sometimes we can’t correctly judge our own behavior, and they can be more objective.

If you’re still trying to fight your bipolar all by yourself, you will lose. You need at least one supporter who can help you. The more supporters you have, the greater the chance that they can keep you from going into an episode.

Wishing you joy and stability,

Remember God loves you and so do I,

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