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Do All People with Bipolar Lie?

I’ve noticed that a lot of people search for this topic, so I figured I should write a blog on it. Do all people with bipolar disorder lie? That’s something that many people struggle with – especially the supporters of a loved one with bipolar disorder.

One of the phenomena that happens to people who have bipolar is that, in a manic episode, we don’t always remember what we’ve said or done during that episode once it’s over.

So when our supporter reminds us of something we’ve said or done, we might deny it, because we don’t remember it. Then it might seem as if we’re lying, but the simple truth is that we simply don’t remember it. This is the most common thing that happens.

Unfortunately, however, there are some people with bipolar disorder who do lie to their supporter. Say, to try to get away with something they’ve done while in an episode. It could involve drugs or alcohol, or infidelity, or trouble with the law, or any number of things. But it does involve fear of getting caught. So they lie.

Even though the person with bipolar disorder lies, they usually end up getting caught anyway. Then they have consequences to deal with – usually the consequences of a very angry supporter, who did not appreciate being lied to.

Many supporters complain that their loved one lies to them often, and this is a shame. It really doesn’t accomplish anything, and it pushes their supporter further away from them. I honestly can’t tell you what your loved one is hoping to accomplish by lying to you, as it’s not something that I have done, so I don’t understand it.

What I have found out in my research is that some people with bipolar disorder do lie and manipulate their supporters – it’s a fact. The reasons, however, are not as clear. Like I said earlier, it could stem from fear of getting caught because of something they’ve done. That could be one reason. Fear is a great motivator.

Another reason could be that they are not aware that they are lying – it could be a part of their disorder. Irrational thoughts are a part of bipolar disorder, and they could be acting out on those irrational thoughts.

They could be lying thinking that they’re getting away with something – something that they think you (the supporter) don’t know about.

Whatever the reason, lying is one of the worst things that a person with bipolar can do. It causes friction and fighting between them and their supporter, and can cause their supporter to lose trust in them. Sometimes the damage to the relationship can almost be irreversible, or need therapy to help it.

If you have found yourself lying to your supporter, stop. It won’t do you any good. If you cannot stop, please seek professional help, like a therapist or counselor. At any rate, apologize to your supporter and talk to them about the problem. Lying is not something you want to be doing in a healthy relationship, and having bipolar disorder is no excuse for lying.

Wishing you peace and stability,

Remember God loves you and so do I,


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