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Bipolar Disorder Will Lie to You!

Hey, y’all —

There’s a woman really struggling right now, because her medication is not working, and she is feeling suicidal. That’s what’s prompted this post.

I want you to know that bipolar disorder will LIE to you!

In a manic episode, it will say all kinds of things. Like you are better than you are. Or have greater ideas. Or can be more productive, etc.

But in a manic episode, the truth is that you will have irrational thoughts and feelings because of the disorder. You will think you have more energy than you really do, you will believe some of the thoughts you have are real, you will believe things that other people may not believe. It’s because the bipolar disorder is LYING to you!

When you’re in a depressed episode, the disorder will lie to you as well.

It will tell you that you’re worthless, helpless and hopeless, unloved and/or unlovable, and that your loved ones will be better off without you.

The worst lie of all is that you won’t get any better, that things will never change for you.

That is a LIE!

Things DO get better. I have tried to kill myself 5 times, and I am so very grateful that I never succeeded. Things always got better. Maybe not right away, and maybe not in MY timing, but they got better, as I got better.

And for those contemplating suicide, let me tell you the truth about that.

Your friends and loved ones will NOT be better off without you. My sister killed herself because she believed the bipolar lies, and it hurt me like nothing else could ever hurt me. And it’s the reason why I will never try to harm myself again, because I could never put anyone thru the pain that my sister’s death put me through.

Another truth – you are NOT helpless and hopeless. That’s the bipolar disorder lying to you. You may feel as if you are suffering right now, but “this too shall pass.” You can have control over your disorder. You CAN get stable. And then you won’t feel that way.

And the greatest truth of all — you ARE loved, and you ARE lovable. Just the way you are. You don’t have to try to be deserving of love. You don’t have to do anything to try to be loved. You already are! If by no one else, than at least by God and by me. Yes, I feel love toward you right now, because I have been where you are at and felt the same way.

But I lived to tell the story. I am a success because I survived my own life before I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I used to believe all the lies, but then I learned how to manage my disorder and became stable, and saw the truth. And if I can do it, so can you.

You may feel totally alone right now. But let me assure you that there are many, many people out there who suffer as you do – millions and millions of people have bipolar disorder. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

You may feel as if you’re the only person who is going thru what you’re going thru, or that feels the way you do. But I guarantee you, I have been there, too.

Don’t let the bipolar disorder control your thoughts. Understand that these are just LIES, and are NOT true!

You CAN recover from bipolar disorder. I know, because I have. And you ARE worthy of loving and being loved.

Who you are in an episode is not who you really are, and something in you knows it. You just can’t give up! No matter how bad things look now, they WILL get better, I promise you.

My life is a testimony to the grace of God, who loved me so much that he gave me a new life, in spite of my bipolar disorder. My life now is a very happy, successful one, and proof that you can overcome all the lies and negativity of bipolar disorder.

I have exposed the lies of bipolar disorder, and have told you the truth about yourself. Please believe me. It won’t always be like this. You WILL get better.

If you are feeling suicidal, please do something about it. Don’t believe the lies. Tell someone! Get help!

Wishing you peace and stability,

God loves you and so do I (and that’s the TRUTH!),


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