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March 2, 2006

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Bipolar's life is both chic, glamorous in today's American society - Sacramento,CA,USA
... After all, it was a hospital. Many people speculate that Fitzgerald was bipolar. ... I want to present some "out there" ideas about bipolar disorder. ...

Regional Brain Morphometry in Patients With Schizophrenia or ...
Am J Psychiatry
OBJECTIVE: Schizophrenia and psychotic bipolar disorder have a number of overlapping symptoms and risk factors, but it is not yet clear if the disorders are ...

Young and alone
Los Angeles Times
With only 7,500 child psychiatrists in the U.S., millions who need treatment are left desperate for care.

Texas earns C for mental health system
Houston Business Journal
Texas gets a C grade for helping adults with serious mental illnesses, according to the first state-by-state report on the U.S. mental health care system in more than 15 years.

County attorney stands his ground
The Arizona Republic
Andrew Thomas is a tough-on-crime prosecutor, unafraid to take politically incorrect positions in the name of justice.* 'Race based' courts targeted

Group Gives IL An 'F' On Mental Health Service
CBS 2 Chicago
Illinois gets an "F" on providing mental-health services. That's according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

Patching into depression market
CNN Money
Anti-depressants in the form of a patch, not a pill, will soon line pharmacy shelves.

Woman accused of killing her sons pleads guilty but mentally ill
Fort Wayne News-Sentinel
CROWN POINT, Ind. - A woman accused of killing her two children pleaded guilty but mentally ill Wednesday in exchange for prosecutors agreeing not to seek the death penalty or life without the possibility of parole in the case.

Bipolar Disorder Study
RedNova T
By DAVIS, Joanna Researchers at the Christchurch School of Medicine have been awarded a $1 million grant to study the mental health condition, bipolar disorder.

Study outlines problems with mental health services
Kansas City Star
Kansas got a failing grade and Missouri received a C-minus in a national study of state programs for the mentally ill.

Death row inmate's new penalty trial pushed back to August.

The News Herald (Panama City, Florida) (via Knight-Ridder/Tribune Business News); 2/28/2006

Byline: David Angier

Feb. 28--PANAMA CITY -- Death row inmate Roderick Orme was sent back to Bay County a year ago for a new sentencing, but his lawyers said last week they have not had enough time to prepare.

Circuit Judge Judy Pittman granted last week a continuance of the March 13 penalty trial -- essentially a mini-trial after which jurors will recommend a sentence of life in prison or death. Orme's new trial date is Aug. 7.

Orme, 44, was convicted in 1993 and sentenced to die for the firstdegree murder, rape and robbery of Lisa Redd, a Bay Medical Center nurse, during a drug binge in 1992.

Orme's conviction stands, but in February 2005, the Florida Supreme Court reversed Orme's death sentence and returned him to Bay County for a second penalty phase hearing.

Last week, defense lawyer Mike Stone asked Pittman for the continuance, saying he has not had enough time to prepare. Stone, who was appointed in December to assist lead attorney Russ Ramey and two Jacksonville lawyers on the defense team, said he has been reviewing more than 25 boxes of information since joining the defense.

Stone also gave several other reasons for a continuance, including the need for independent testing of DNA evidence and Ramey's month-long recovery from back surgery earlier this month.

Stone also asked Pittman to appoint several experts to Orme's case. He asked for a forensic pathologist who would testify against the state's position that Orme deserved the death penalty because Redd suffered during the attack.

Stone also asked to have a forensic psychiatrist appointed to the case to testify about Orme's bipolar mental disorder.

The Florida Supreme Court reversed Orme's sentence because, justices said, not enough evidence about Orme's mental problems was given to jurors in his first penalty hearing.

For almost a year after this ruling, the defense had refrained from saying whether it would even pursue mental health issues in the penalty hearing -- regardless of the high court's ruling. Stone's motion for expert appointment is the first indication that the defense might present the evidence the high court said was lacking in the first trial.

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