“Here’s How You Can Get Personal,
One-on-One Coaching from Me
(David Oliver)”

Dear Friend,

If you have problems with issues related to bipolar disorder and would like personal, one-on-one coaching from me, then you’re going to love what I’ve decided to offer

Over the last couple of years, I have helped a lot of people dealing with bipolar disorder, both bipolar supporters and those with bipolar disorder. I now have over 160,000 people who have signed up for my free mini-course and over 5000 testimonials from subscribers on how my materials have helped them.

With that said, I have received many phone calls from people needing personal assistance. At first I didn’t want to do this, because I had tried coaching others before and just didn’t have the time. But I began to realize that, as thorough as my books, CDs, courses, and systems are, many people still wanted to have that personal coaching experience with someone who has been there and done that.

I am actually like that myself, so I could completely relate. I really love working one-on-one with someone in addition to learning via CD and written material.

Something I Never Really Told People

When I first started this business, I insisted on having my home phone number on my website. People ask all the time why I did that. There’s a reason.

You see, when I first started helping my mom, I used to call my brother for help and moral support. The first time I did, he returned my call because he didn’t know why I was calling. Then, when I called again, he NEVER returned my call.

One day I called with a calling card, so that it wouldn’t show up on his caller ID that it was me. He picked up and said he would call right back. But he never did. This really bothered me. If he would have just talked to me, it would have been a lot easier for me to deal with all the stresses of supporting my mom. But he wouldn’t.

Because of this experience, I decided that anyone in need should be able to call me. I felt like people would feel better if they just saw a phone number on my website and knew it was real. I know it’s kind of strange, but that’s what I thought. And my instinct was right. Many people have since told me that it was encouraging seeing my number. They felt good knowing they could call me.

So, imagine that people could actually call me on a number that rang right into my house, even at night. I got a lot of calls. Probably 99.9% of the people were kind and considerate, but eventually I just got too many darn calls to handle.

Since I run four different businesses, and have a social life, I don’t have much time. So I had to take my phone number off the website. But then I still had people calling, emailing, and writing me letters, asking for personal, one-on-one coaching. People said they would do or pay ANYTHING to get one-on-one coaching.

I didn’t have a program set up for one-on-one coaching, so I ended up working with those I could squeeze into my schedule on a sort of haphazard basis. I didn’t have anything really structured, so it was very hard to administer. Eventually it got to be too much to handle, so I stopped doing the coaching altogether.

People Still Had All Kinds of Questions

Even though I had to stop my coaching, there was still such a need and demand for it. A lot of my subscribers had questions, and they started asking for me to offer some sort of formal coaching program.

I completely understood where they were coming from. You see, it’s easy to get sucked into a situation where you feel swamped, overwhelmed, and helpless in the face of bipolar, and you just need someone to help you get perspective.

Sometimes you get so focused on the bipolar—on finding the best doctor, getting the right medication, explaining everything to friends and family members—that you simply start losing your life. You start missing all the goals you set for yourself.

You start to feel stuck. You think the stuck feeling will go away, but it lasts longer and longer. Weeks go by. Then months. Then years. Eventually you’re looking at “others” and comparing yourself to them.

Jealously sets in…

Then anger…

But you hide it. You don’t want to “admit” to anyone your true feelings. And then you really start to feel stuck and mad.

You’re mad that you can’t seem to have a life, to accomplish the things that you want to accomplish, because you’re always limited by the bipolar disorder, whether you have it yourself or you’re supporting someone who does.

I know these feelings, because I’ve been there.

Everything Gets Really Complicated

With bipolar disorder, there’s just so much to deal with. You find yourself having to consider:

  • Family vacations
  • Insurance
  • Employment
  • Finances
  • How to safeguard money
  • How to prevent episodes
  • Where to live
  • What job you should have
  • Whether or not to have kids
  • What to do if your kids develop bipolar disorder
  • What schools to send the kids to
  • How to have a normal family again

…on and on.

For example, let’s say your wife has bipolar disorder and is unable to find a job suitable for her that doesn’t produce a lot of stress. What do you do? Maybe you consider disability. Maybe she just doesn’t work at all, which puts financial strain on your family. Maybe you encourage her to try a job that you know she probably won’t keep long-term.

What should you do?

This is just one example of the dozens of serious issues one has to think about when it comes to bipolar disorder.

Each issue seems to consume all your time. You just don’t know what to do anymore. You feel like the president of a major corporation because of all the decisions you have to make.

All the while, all this thinking takes up a whole lot of your time and energy.

What if there was a shortcut?

What if there was a way to get answers faster? A way to cut down all the weeks, months, and years of figuring everything out for yourself?

Therapists Wound Up NOT Being Able to Help

Ultimately, since I didn’t have time to provide coaching myself, I recommended that people talk things over with therapists.

As you know, I think therapy is great. But person after person who needed how-to solutions found that most of the therapists couldn’t provide practical, how-to-do-it answers to common AND uncommon problems with bipolar disorder…problems like how to get a car for UNDER what the car dealership paid for a loved one who has bipolar, no job, bad credit, etc.

After I got a whole lot of complaints from people saying that the therapists just weren’t providing practical, how-to help for real-life, day-to-day problems, I decided to go get a coach myself to help me come up with a solution.

Many people don’t realize how many people I personally hire as coaches, mentors, and advisors to help me get stuff done. I could try to figure these things out on my own, but it would probably take months, or even years.

Just the other day, I had to hire someone for $1000 a hour. He gave me the answer in three minutes. It was a problem I had been working on for two years. Imagine how much time and money I would have saved by just paying this guy two years ago!

Is Experience the Best Teacher?

Some people wind up just trying to figure stuff out on their own. But is that the best approach?

There’s an old adage that says, “Experience is the best teacher.” But I think “other people’s experience” is the best teacher. Who in the world would want to go through difficult experiences and learn the hard way when they could have someone else tell them exactly what works and what doesn’t work, and so that they could bypass all the heartaches, headaches, and heartburn.

Think about that for a second.

You could go out and “experience” what it’s like to lose a whole lot of money from bipolar disorder…or you could listen to the things I tell you to prevent it from happening in your own life. Right?

I had so many people practically demanding personal coaching that I had to do something. One guy wanted to pay me a huge sum to fly me out first-class (I don’t believe in flying first-class anyway) to have me help him personally. I told him I couldn’t. He then offered me more and more money, but I told him it wasn’t about the money. It was about my time.

But so many people needed personal, one-on-one help that I finally decided to get a coach, to help me figure out what to do.

The Amazing Idea That We Thought Up

The person I spoke to said I needed to set up a plan for coaching, and that plan had to be:

  1. Limited to a certain number of people
  2. Structured
  3. Only related to NON-medical and NON-legal questions

After working with him, we decided on a great new program.

Introducing “The David Oliver One-on-One Monthly Coaching Program”

I had some ideas of my own for this coaching program. I knew I wanted it to be totally risk-free, like all my materials. And I also wanted it to be unlimited in nature.

You know, over the years I have worked with a lot of lawyers. Many of them have been really greedy people, and I hated that. If I sent one too many emails to them, they would charge me. If I asked an extra question, they would charge me. If I looked at them, they would charge me.

I decided I didn’t want my coaching program to be anything like that. I wanted to develop an “unlimited” coaching program instead of charging for every second of my time. I know that you don’t have billions of dollars in capital, so I have to set up a pricing system that works for you AND is fair for me.

The plan I put together is precisely that. It’s reasonable and it’s fair.

What We Can Cover During Our Coaching Session

Over the past couple years, during the informal coaching sessions I used to offer, I have coached people on all.phpects related to bipolar disorder—and even on topics that have very little to do with bipolar disorder! You can ask anything, as long as it’s not a medical question or a legal question.

Here are just some things that I have coached people on over the years…

  • Starting a home business if you have bipolar disorder
  • Earning quick cash legally and ethically, to help with medical bills and debt
  • Restoring your credit
  • Handling large sums of money if bipolar is in the family
  • Finding a doctor, even if you’ve tried everything
  • Affording a doctor and therapist, even if you don’t have health insurance
  • Switching from one doctor to another
  • Finding a good therapist
  • Buying a car when you are dealing with bipolar disorder and have bad credit
  • Setting up an online business to make money fast
  • Rebuilding credibility with loved ones following a bipolar episode
  • Reducing (and coping with) life’s inevitable stressors
  • Explaining bipolar to friends and family so that they truly understand it
  • Removing the stigma of bipolar disorder
  • Deciding whether or not to tell a boss about bipolar disorder—and how to do so
  • Getting a loved one who has an addiction the support and treatment they need
  • Making a budget to reduce debt and avoid future financial pitfalls
  • Setting up financial safeguards to avoid overspending and debt
  • Building a truly supportive support network
  • Becoming your own advocate
  • Getting your loved one to the doctor when they resist treatment

The list goes on and on!

Here’s What People Are Saying About Being Coached and Helped by Me

Currently, I am in a crisis with my bipolar sister and it is a comfort to be able to go to a place where other people are experiencing what I am and to see how you or they dealt with similair issues with their loved one who is bipolar. It helps me realize that I can make it thru this instead of feeling overwhelmed and like it is going to drive me crazy. I have already told several other people about your website and the information you provide. I think you are honest, compassionate, intelligent, dedicated and committed.

I am dealing with a girl with Bi-Polar. It is so hard to deal with her…and by reading your material, I realize that I am not alone…Yes, I recommend your information. You have dealt with this in real life, plus researched and studied it thoroughly…You know exactly how it feels by your experience in real life. By reading your material, and all the research you have done, proves you do care and only want to help people in the same situations. I commend you for all your time and effort put forth.

The informations I’ve received have helped me a lot for I mysef am a bpolar.Just knowing you’re not alone,there are other people facing the very same circunstances and are succeeding give you hope that I can succeed too and help others…I recommend the information on Bipolar for the lack of Knowlege has caused too much sufering when simple actions could help handle the situation. Thank you very much
–Maria, Brazil

Your information continually lets me know I am on the right track. I apreciate the e mails…I would have found that to be a blessing had I found you earlier.

[David] understands perfectly what we are going through because he experienced this condition everyday. Although he is no bipolar, his mother is, so he lived it through his mother. The information he collected helps people who are going through this condition to understand and learn more about it.

David is dedicated to helping you understand and deal with bipolar disorder, and is tireless in his efforts. You can only benefit from the information he provides.
–Todd Z.

I finally understand! I’m not alone anymore and my frustration, hurt, fear has turned to patience, positive boundary setting and acceptance but with tons of HOPE for the future for my daughters, ages 7 and 18, who suffer from bipolar disorder…David Oliver provides a wealth of information and straight talk... please don’t pass this opportunity up...it’s truly a support for you and the person suffering from Bipolar Disorder and/or Borderline Personality Disorder.
–Sydney Reynolds

Your material has helped me understand what my grandson is going through...thanks to you, I am coping…I know I am not alone thanks to your material. We need all the information available.

Your materials had helped us a lot in understanding what our child is going trough. It helped my wife and myself to make adjustments in our life with a bipolar child. It has been tough but everytime we read you materials we feel beter to know that there are still people around like you that cares for others. We appreciate you a lot…I certainly would recommend it, because being a parent of a bipolar child is hard and we need what ever help or information we can get.

–Robert & Sherry Litton, PA

I’ve found your info very helpful…I would recommend your info as a tool for parents who are having issues with their childs behavior.
–Jen, IL

...I appreciated the reassurance…Thankyou for your efforts on behalf of we exhausted bipolar supporters. I have recommended the program to several friends who are struggling in their role as supporters of loved ones with bipolar disorder. I found your information to be comforting and complete.
–Lyndell, OH

I really do appreciate all of your hard work with the information that you are sending me. I for one really do appreciate thanks again.
–LaTonya, AL

Yes, I would definitely recommend your information to friends and family and already have, in fact. You keep things in perspective and write in an understandable, easy-to-read format. The concrete suggestions and plans of action that you present help to keep one calm and moving on to the next step.
–Gayle, UT

…If you have bipolor or you know someone who does, I highly recommend getting your hands on anything David Oliver has out there. He has helped to salvage my relationship with a man who has suffered with bipolar alone for 20 years, and also shown that same man that someone can understand what he goes through. He is not the only one with this problem.
–Joanne, SC

It really helps just to hear on a daily basis from someone who is going through all the same stuff I am–and winning the battle 99% of the time! I recommend your information to others. It comes from a real person dealing with real issues who has taken the time and energy tocompile excellent information and strategies in order to help those in the same situation.
–Jeri, OH

Two Choices for One-on-One Coaching

Here are the two programs that I am offering.

Choice #1 – Email Coaching
With email coaching, I’ll give you my personal email address. When you have a question or need to bounce an idea off me, send it by email. Within 24 hours, Monday through Friday, I’ll send you a response.

For instance, need help finding a good doctor? I can help. Can’t figure out how to help a loved one with bipolar disorder? I’m here to give you advice. Can’t figure out how to get someone into treatment? I can handle it. Have bipolar and need help identifying a great home business to start? No problem.

In addition to getting great answers, you can be confident that the email responses you get are solely from me. I will not pass them along to some employee or contract worker. The email you receive will be from me and me alone. After all, you’re paying for one-on-one coaching with me, not someone else.

Email coaching currently costs just $250 per month.

Choice #2 –Email and Phone Coaching
Maybe email coaching sounds good to you, but you want something just a little more in-depth. You like the idea of email coaching—of getting responses to your emails within just 24 hours—but you’d like the option of occasionally talking on the phone as well.

If that’s you, the phone and email coaching option is for you. With this package, each month you get a 45-minute coaching call ON TOP OF your email coaching. Plus, you can also call me with quick questions, lasting less than 10 minutes, at any time.

If you’re like me, you like to review things after the fact. This is why I’ll even let you record our phone conversations for your personal use. Please just make sure you tell me first that you’ll be recording.

Email and phone coaching currently costs just $500 per month.

100%, No-Questions-Asked, “Unheard-Of” Guarantee

Here’s the deal: Against the advice of my accountant, employees, contractors, and the person who coached me with this program, I am offering a 100%, money-back guarantee on my coaching. I can’t guarantee your results, but I can guarantee that you’ll be happy.

Think about this: Virtually no coaches offer money-back guarantees. No therapists I have ever seen anywhere offer a money-back guarantee. I don’t know why, because if a person is really confident in their services, they should offer it.

Well, I am 100% confident in my services, and that’s why I am offering a money-back guarantee.

Here is how it’s going to work: Use my services for a week, and if you are unhappy, simply ask for your money back and you will be given a prompt and courteous refund…NO hard feelings. Hey, everything isn’t for everyone, so you are 100% protected and there is no risk on your part.

There Is a Catch

Your volume of calls and/or emails to me must be within reason and not border on harassment. If you harass me, I will refund ALL your money, blacklist you, and not work with you. I love helping people, but I don’t like when people take advantage of me.

I don’t do this for the money. I have plenty of ways to make money. I do this to help people. I really love helping people. All my other businesses are great, but I can’t help people like I can help people here.

Only 20 People Will Be Accepted

Like I said earlier, the person who coached me on this program said I had to set a limit. I totally agree. I have 160,000 people on my list, and physically I just can’t coach hundreds of people. This is why I can only take 20 people total.

If you’re interested, get started now. Remember, it’s totally risk free.

Join Email and Phone Coaching for only $500 a month

Join Email Coaching for only $250 a month

Your Friend,

David Oliver

P.S. If you have any questions about this program, please visit this site: HELPDESK.